Mole long women are mostly color female here!

which was not a few mole, some concluded that person's personality according to the mole long part number, so, usually long mole where women better color?

mole long women are mostly girls here!

1, the temple has a mole of women

the temples, the behind of the canthus outside our position, if you have any mole temple, so this kind of woman is often a good roll belongs to the sentimental romantic type, especially in the temple has a mole on the left.

2, in the bellybutton has a mole on women's

if born in navel nevus, this woman is likely to be happy, because this is authentic peach blossom nevus, resist the desires of the heart block, even into the mountains, people will have a hiking to strike up a conversation.

mole long women are mostly girls here!

3, wrinkles have mole women

born in facial nevus law mostly near the woman and vigorous woman, love the most is the search for novelty and excitement, and will be very active in the pursuit of love, no man will not give up.

4, weep nevus woman

was born in bags are generally referred to as tears nei, these women in men's eyes full of tender feelings, the man rushed to come forward to offer, has become the darling of the man.Over time, the woman is more and more appreciate the man's caress, natural strong desire.

mole long women are mostly girls here!

to deal with such a woman, or deal with natural color with nevus female, man must have a good body, suggested that men can eat some pumpkin seed oil, to enhance its strength.

small make up friend has been to eat, because he is at the stage of newlyweds, you know, so high. The gland is a little problem, he every day to eat some pumpkin seed oil, because it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and phospholipids, valley of cholesterol, vitamin, etc.

it also contains a special kind of pumpkin, this is a kind of plant sterols substance, is also conducive to the treatment. An important part of the body's glandular problems, ease. The early stages of the gland swelling and improve the symptoms of frequent urination urgency and so on.

mole long women are mostly girls here!

his daily consumption of 5-10 ml, reduce a lot of those symptoms, long-term consumption can also prevent kidney stones, adjust the function of the bladder and urethra, for men, these are very important.

small make up a friend how to eat is Fried tomatoes and then drop a few drops of oil on the, he said so to eat taste very good oh ~

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