"In the name of the people" with 10 yuan LV belt, poor again cast will take

rabbit powder in a while ago talking about united airlines passengers event, says this is united airlines recently did the bad thing, the first thing is to let the Ding Yizhen.The rabbit meng along while didn't not bashful to ask at that time, the Ding Yizhen what ghost?So famous that I didn't know...

to struggle for a long time finally open hot hot "in the name of the people" began to chase play, just suddenly enlighted, originally is the corrupt official name!

felt ground again, and I still want to keep in synchronization and the masses of the people.

you may in concern has revealed the plot and the ending, but today the rabbit want to talk about some details, anti-corruption theme topics, so how can the less luxury goods?

this is, after all, the luxury market in China in recent years experience trough an important reason.

let's see, the play which details appeared on earth.

18 concentration, secretary Li Dakang wife yang-jing ou took bribes to card to stores to buy clothes, some netizens said this grandiose leopard grain coat from Lancy from 25 (Lancy, homebred brand, eritrea, not much said).

s is introduced in 3 d stereo clipping

yang-jing ou several shots were found in the back of the chanel bag is (I don't know whether the genuine article), was taken away by interviews is also carry this bag.

it on a chain belt and not sure what

big corrupt official Ding Yizhen when surrounded by developers kowtowing, a big LV belt, this should be a very clear signal.

this detail is absolutely intentionally

indeed, recent Ding Yizhen interviewer said to myself, in order to embody the characteristics of the character, he could get the belt (how make of, behind the rabbit would say).

in the movie is more of a watch, but the watch what the source is also true to say.

police chief zhao east and wearing a watch

Chen hai was season and the attorney general in the car as secretary of the report, there is a hand wear the feature table.

Li Dakang secretary appeared for the first time a close-up, is from hand, wearing a watch.

a few big officer should started to discuss conscripted YiZhen, Li Dakang also wearing a watch.

good higher education also have a watch with a secretary, although hidden deep in the sleeve.

in the same discussion, Chen hai was very worried, look at the watch and also has a feature.

Ding Yizhen changed small bludger dressed to flee, wears a watch on the wrist.

there is a interesting detail, Ding Yizhen fled through the back door, bring out a mobile phone chips into the toilet washed away, there is a watch out of the details.

the details worth unworkable, critical moment phones would expose information, had to give up, or watches more safety.

although the movie used a lot of wrist watch as a prop, most officials to wear at ordinary times table, there are a number of features and a detailed description, the table also played a part in the thrust deep into the plot, but what is the brand of watch?To tell the truth, and at the beginning the rabbit to write the "ode to joy", props could really just props.

Ding Yizhen the LV belt, for example, he is 10 yuan to buy.

, such as Li Dakang table, network transmission is a time for montblanc walker, appeared along with the model of information online, for such business, I was convinced.

light actually a bracelet is arbitrary to judge, fake watch so much today, all kinds of imitation, also really can't knock, and from the point of LV this matter, these old play bone that they will be equipped with the real thing (the "ode to joy" young actor, bring your own props will be a little better).

but also really have obvious fake watch this play.Such as a kind of key details, lu yi ke head dated mutually close the object be teacher Lin, there is a watch close-up, teacher Lin show his rolex?Lu yi ke back home is so said to the people: "rolex all over the sky star, value not less than three hundred thousand to his legitimate income, how could afford to buy this watch."

and then give you see my screenshot.

the first thing I will be silly

this is not only not all over the sky star, or a fake watch!Fake watch also dare to use such obvious features, is also designed.

all over the sky star, refers to the disk is full the design of the drill, watches are broken auger, set out the...

can only say that in this episode, rolex is an important clue, but the crew did not find true table to deduce, perhaps for them, looking for the high costs of true table (it is said that the cast is very poor?Props, and the authenticity of the plot does not affect, just tough for those of us who obsessive-compulsive disorder!

there are people on the rabbit said: "there are serious watch? So the cost is too high."It is like a drama is always a quartz watch during the period of the republic of China, with most of the audience also don't understand, don't care.

so, quite apart from the problem of authenticity, the rabbit just want to say that the existence of the luxury goods for China's anti-corruption is a very interesting phenomenon, if someone dig into them, or there is much to discuss.

for example to Louis vuitton belts, Louis vuitton have been associated in the image of China and explosion door, into the Chinese as early as the public awareness and particularly high, in order to match Ding Yizhen also have suggested that ingredient in article (with H estimates that a lot of people don't know what is this).

and there is reason for rolex will act as a important plot - also because awareness is very high, you can immediately into the theatre.Officials in China, rolex and omega is the most common two brands, the majority of omega.

one theory is that the brand more high-end, dare not wear some officer, actually also is not all.More common in Europe and, officials choice is vacheron constantin, rather than the patek philippe, according to a rabbit, it is because vacheron constantin into China earlier, awareness is higher than PP, in certain groups, they think vacheron constantin this name pronounced the more high-end than PP.

of course someone secretly hide a lot of PP, just public don't wear.

but in fact, really is the root of corruption luxury goods?Obviously not.A normal profit of white-collar can rely on to save to buy watches handbags, why can't officials?

remember a few years ago there was a news rabbit memory deep, one officer was publicly photographed wearing value of more than 50000 with radar, the media, lively.I was especially curious, an official of the normal income can't afford a radar?Even if it is 50000, which few only white-collar designer bags?

if you are legitimate income, minds is still afraid of what people?I put the big fortune was smashed into a watch, because the who?

show also chased by half, the rabbit can scoff at this point.If writers know more about luxury gifts market, may be more interesting to look good.Compared with full wall to hide the yuan's subsistence primary corruption, should be more subtle (spiritual corruption) story.

finally can only say that I wish you all can clean money, justly and consumption, that is the standard of a wonderful life.

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