The appraisal method of the watch

the appraisal method of watch has a lot of, today to introduce several simple common appraisal methods:

  1. by weight identify

    the more heavy watch is stainless steel more than precious metals commonly, in addition to the titanium alloy and ceramic.

  2. brand watch authentic identification with replicas

    main domestic market sales of imported watch is Swiss, Japanese brand, etc., are listed under the Swiss and Japanese brands, Swiss brands: rolex, emperor rudder, earl, celebrities, omega, radar, tissot, longines, west horse, Rome, plum blossom, the nag.Japanese brands: eastern, citizen, seiko, casio, etc.All imports of Swiss watches, its use of movement is Swiss production.If discover the movement is Japan, China or other countries production, the watch is fake and inferior products.

  3. in the identification of mechanical watch, quartz watch

    mechanical watch the second hand is rotational scanning, whose hands are quartz by leaps and bounds.

  4. appearance recognition

    generally refers to from the outside can directly observe parts, including watchcase, strap, plating, glass, logo imprint, diamond, pointer, table top.

  5. movement recognition

    watch machine core a dime a dozen, a lot of watches with ETA movement, like the emperor rudder, longines, such as omega, Cartier, the large family of 2824, 2892, 7750 and adopted by many famous factory, of course with ETA2824 English nagel and emperor rudder price differs a few times, said the same movement, watches on the key technologies such as polishing will be upgraded.

  6. icon mark

    K gold colour, usually do false table of fuzzy, lighter, and even many times stamping don't overlap.True table is a deep imprint is very clear.Tags usually play to the back cover, table claw and strap on the inside and outside, play on the ring belt table.With gold plated case as K gold or stainless steel shell shell, it can only play 18 K, but can't type icon, can feel with the hand is not the same as the proportion of the two.Fake watch the back cover to do very thick.

  7. registered permanent residence certificate

    see paper "born", operating instructions, the print quality of printing, true table "paper" the birth background is clear, legible, and fake rolex on paper "born", the factory number of holes are often see not clear, the quality of the lower left corner sign stereo feeling is not strong.In addition, also look at the factory number on the paper "born", watch model is consistent with the table engraved on the ear.

  8. the selling price of the recognition

    import watches price within a certain range, such as Japanese brand watch, price in 2500-3000 yuan;Swiss watch brand, the price all above 6000, some brand watch as high as tens of thousands of yuan, even hundreds of thousands of yuan, such as rolex, Cartier, earl.In general, the lower than the price of imported watches, if no special reason, suspicious for fake watches or ill-gotten watches imports.

the above identified several small common sense can help you determine when the choose and buy watch watch is the real thing oh, you must buy watches to regular stores to buy, beware of fake goods!

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