How to wear comfortable underwear tee Why does a woman likes to wear thong?


why do girls like to wear thongs?Actually it also have many reasons, some of the girls is in pursuit of fashion and sexy, some is for the whole dress collocation, etc.

t-shaped pants how to wear comfortable Why women like to wear thongs?

t-shaped pants is what?

thong different from ordinary underwear, in the aspects of materials, there were fewer than ordinary underwear thong mostly emphasize sexy style, early after hip t part of the lace or ultrafine elastic waves, look very charming, but are not very comfortable, the primary problem is concentrated in the fine with thongs.Especially tight some thongs, now most people choose thong with comfortable in the first place, had better choose all of the land of cotton, so it is comfortable to wear.

t-shaped pants how to wear comfortable Why women like to wear thongs?

thong tees can not so simple, but also need to get used to.If you want to make some change within his chest, or just want to improve his g-strings experiences, learning the following guide to teach you how to better wear thong.

1, buy the right thong.

the key to wear thong is buy suitable thong.Because may not be able to try before you buy, so buying is also a challenge.Thong is too small will make you feel very uncomfortable, too large will hang in there, or from the inside of the pants or skirts.A good way is to buy than you used to wear underwear at ordinary times a bigger size of low-rise thongs (in fact, unless you wear high waist pants and skirts, or want to get pants exposed effect, you should always choose to buy small waist thong).To buy a watch first effect, and buy more.If everyday wear, find a simpler and more comfortable.Avoid lace (because it will be very itchy), wear cotton or fine fiber.

2, wearing thongs in the most comfortable way.

just like normal wear underwear, and then adjust the position, so not too much, let you feel any discomfort.On both sides of the belt should be below the top jeans or pants.Once wear well, your thong chrome should not make you feel too hard, or meat.Should be very comfortable.

3, try in the room.

the first wear don't in a strange place, it makes you feel insecure, so as to have a bad impression on the thong.In the beginning the best wear at home, so once you uncomfortable you can adjust.

4, make sure your thong not higher than the belt line.

sat down in front of the mirror, squat down, squat, do some similar behavior to ensure that your thong will not come to light.If will always come to light, so you can try another number underwear, or another style, avoid low-rise jeans, belt, or wear a long coat, cover the waist.Even so, still had better be prepared to public to adjust.Sit down, quietly reached to the waist, did see underwear.Had come to light, hurriedly pair of panties in, or tore down coat to cover.

5, used to wear a thong.

g-strings habit is the key part of the underwear get stuck in the middle of the your hips.But if the size is correct, and wearing way is right, should not be too uncomfortable.In an hour or so and then take off.The second day in a few more hours (or longer, if you feel comfortable).Then slowly used to wear all day.Once you get used to wearing your test thong, you can start to buy some more complex style with lace, for example, design, and other design.

t-shaped pants how to wear comfortable Why women like to wear thongs?

the net friend the truth revealed:

start g-strings may feel belt clip at the back is very afflictive, wearing habits after, tape le in gluteal will feel very comfortable.Thong back only a thin belt, reduces the hip package, very cool and comfortable.If feel not accustomed to, you can try to wear briefs, narrow buttock is the small size before and after the briefs.Accustomed to the later with thongs.If the size is very comfortable to wear accustomed to.

sexy thong, thin and light summer dresses, general underwear will leave a mark on pants, skirts and very embarrassed.It is not only underwear, but a modification.Do you want to, if a underwear design is very beautiful, its function is not only wear for certain, but to the people.For example, wears outside underwear.It can show beautiful buttocks, the main function is convenient, can quickly positions.Like when you wear a skirt is more incisively and vividly the

today wear thong, a day out with cotton socks.Ok at the beginning, then walk among the pants will be like the rope ning together;Finally be trapped into the meat;Walking is moved;Super sad actually, this kind of things or don't wear good shopping.Is suitable for flirting with the husband to wear at night.

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