Finished, you can buy leather is fake!


the kinds of leather products in the market now are more and more, diversity, butch, may buy fake step carefully, now small make up teach you how to discern between true and false leather products.

finished, you can buy leather are all fake!


pig leather, cow leather, sheep leather and artificial leather have different characteristics?

1, the pig leather: thick skin rough, poor elasticity, MAO has space.

leather cattle leather, leather thickness and uniformity, the pores close, uniform distribution, surface smooth, mutual crisscross of fiber bundles or tilted into diamond mesh crisscross.Solid density.Absorption cow leather wear-resisting folding, the air is better, higher after grain mill.

sheep leather, leather face rough, fan circular pores, inclined into leather and grain convex upwards of several pores of a set of designed in arrangement.

artificial leather: there is a plastic taste, less smooth surface, the touch is not elastic, occasional rules of artificial carving traces.

2. How to identify natural leather and synthetic leather?

from touch, see, smell, light, water and other methods to identify.

(1) : feel feel is smooth, soft, plump, elastic for natural leather, hair dry, rigid, soft feel bad for artificial leather.

(2) to see appearance: clear natural leather grain, surface with irregular grain pattern, pore eyes deep and uneven.Artificial synthetic leather surface evenly, pore cookies, neat rows, grain pattern is not deep.If the press with finger, leather grain faintly visible, while man-made leather is relatively smooth.

(3) the smelling: there is always a kind of natural leather leather smell, artificial leather.

(4) lighting: hair is there is a natural leather, artificial leather lighting has a pungent smell.

(5) the drop of water: natural leather good hygroscopicity.Can be judged through the drop test, after the drop of water on the hygroscopic, natural leather with cloth, erase it dark.Artificial leather no this phenomenon.

(6) strain and elastic experiment: natural leather has good flexibility and elasticity, vice is artificial leather.

blow test: (7) can be trained on the reverse of the leather belt saliva blowing, appeared on the front leakage.It is because the leather with this "adverse performance", when you put on the leather, the thermal effect is very obvious, and formed the good air permeability, it fully embodies the value of the leather.

some imitation leather like expensive, so accurately distinguish still need identification through chemical method or instrument. furniture market share of shoe bags

a large part of the occupied by a synthetic leather

if you buy the product, is made of synthetic leather, it must be cheap and shoddy products?Answer: not necessarily.

in accordance with the time, which can be roughly divided into PVC synthetic leather, PU, microfiber three process.The PVC is earlier process, commonly known as "leather", is the first generation of synthetic leather products, now has been phased out.

today, application more is PU and microfiber synthetic leather, especially the latter, microstructure is very close to the dermis, texture and physical properties such as appearance, can with senior natural leather.

some synthetic leather production enterprise in jiaxing miss zhang said, compared with genuine leather, synthetic leather can be manually controlled the biggest advantage of its features.Superfine fiber synthetic leather, for example, ageing resistance, resistant to twists and turns, yellowing mildew resistance, acid and alkali resistant, waterproof, etc can all be process control, some even beyond the natural leather.

"in daily life, synthetic leather has been gradually take the place of natural leather."Miss zhang said, sofa fabric, car interiors, shoes, bags and so on, these leather as a considerable market share, occupied by a synthetic leather.

of course, has its drawbacks as well as synthetic leather, gas permeability is better than leather.As a result, such as clothing for the product with high permeability is required, such as synthetic leather are still unable to fully instead of leather.

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