The effective method to relieve red blood silk Remove annoying red blood silk

a, why on the face will be red blood silk

in patients with facial red blood silk facial look than normal skin color red, some is only on both sides of the zygomatic redness, border is circular.The skin is thin and sensitive, extreme cold, heat, emotional when his face was red.

1, the skin often face in winter heating, blow air conditioning, heater cause skin vasoconstriction, fragile and sensitive skin easily hot red and swollen.

2, genotype, genotype was more familial heredity.

3, itself is a sensitive skin, sensitive skin naturally thin cuticle, capillary fragility, prone to shrinkage reaction of any outside factors stimulation, can cause red blood silk, is sensitive to external stimuli, appear repeatedly congested state, causing blood vessels circuitous expansion, the formation of red blood silk.

4, local long-term use of cortical hormone drugs, cause the capillaries expansion, cause skin thinning, shrinkage, etc.

5, the circulation of blood, blood vessels clogged present a facial red blood silk.

6, drug misuse contain hormone or ingredients to protect skin to taste, the photon tender skin, such as fruit changes skin cutin treatment make the skin cutin layer thin transparent and easy to form red blood silk.

the effective method to relieve red blood silk Remove annoying red blood silk

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2, the effective method to relieve red

1, the use of massage oil

cypress, rosemary, lavender, rose, sandalwood, chamomile essential oil can contribute to a strong blood vessels, repair cuticle, desalt red blood silk.Add a few drops in 10 ml of calendula oil, then put it in the most delicate, thin skin, gently massage.

2, use protect skin to taste of relieving ingredients

chamomile can remove broken capillaries, improve blood vessel elasticity;Licorice has good anti-inflammatory effect, can relieve skin irritation, equilibrium skin at the same time, the thermal dissipation detoxification;Green tea is contained in a variety of amino acids can effectively promote lipid formation, repair moist skin, strengthen skin's own immune system.

3, aloe daub

aloe can repair the capillaries, and improve blood capillary contraction and expansion ability, so as to improve red blood silk, the aloe wash, add water to boil for 5 minutes, after waiting for water cooler, apply on the face, after use mask paper soaked through to get off after 10 minutes, which can effectively eliminate red blood silk.

4, homemade honey mask

made from honey, protein, oatmeal mask, dispatch three materials evenly into paste, and then apply face after half an hour, with clean water, this face film can reduce pigmentation, also improve the phenomenon of red blood silk.

the effective method to relieve red blood silk Remove annoying red blood silk

seasonal skin allergy symptoms

three, tip

1, not chamfer

cutin thin and cutin damage is the main cause of sensitive, thus the first principle is that maintain maintenance cutin from injury, especially in the winter, red blood silk skin never peels, or it will aggravate the symptoms of skin.

2, don't use strong alkaline cleanser

there are red blood silk skin cleanser cannot use alkalescent too strong, had better use the transparent without too much chemical composition of plant natural cleanser, recommend the use of plant-based cleanser, facial cleaning times is unfavorable and overmuch, best 1-2 times.

3, fully protect wet

the cutin layer of skin shallow often can't hold enough water, whether in the summer air conditioning room or in a dry climate in winter, people with this type of skin, will be felt more keenly than the average person skin dehydration, drying, and strengthen protect wet it is very important in the daily maintenance.

in addition to the use of toner contains moisturizing ingredients, protect skin to taste, also should be done regularly moisturizing mask, seasons, also need to be aware of change does not apply to maintain article.

4, to red blood silk products recommended

avene red ShuRun repaired mask

at every autumn and winter, the skin will become more sensitive, not dry, water shortage is peeling, the most afraid of is the cold wind blows, red blood silk on the end, even the powdery bottom cover not to live, go out the embarrassment.

avene dedicated to solve all kinds of skin problems, especially for sensitive skin is savior, this face film professional in view of the phenomenon of red blood silk, protect fragile skin, avene containing different mineral and biological activity of double active springs, reduce sensitive, instantly relieve, resistance to the outside world, make skin water embellish, repair sensitive.

the effective method to relieve red blood silk Remove annoying red blood silk

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