This habit let a person crazy long wrinkles on his face


according to the survey, americans spent nearly $1 billion a year to buy anti-aging products.The United States, however, the journal of retirees association latest article pointed out that the best way to prevent aging, reduce wrinkles actually don't have to spend a penny, only need to change daily habits.So if there are the following nine bad habits, be about to change as soon as possible!

1, sedentary

modern office environment, eight hours a day sitting in front of a computer, the computer radiation can damage the skin it would say, staring at a computer screen affect vision, with a long time can't see we would frown habitual squinting, easily forehead wrinkles, eye wrinkles.And a Canadian study found that if the old man to reduce sedentary time, can significantly improve the old skin, make skin more than 10 years younger.Researchers say that exercise twice a week, every 30 minutes, not only make the skin look younger, still can rise to reverse the effect of skin aging.So whether at work or in daily life don't sedentary, appropriate to stand up to move.

this habit let a person crazy long face wrinkle

2, love to eat meat and sugar

a involving more than 450 participants in the new study found that one of the most meat and dairy intake participants skin the most severe sunburn.And eat vegetables, olive oil, legumes and fish most participants least skin damage.High concentration of sugar in the sweets, and no free sugar molecules encountered is used up by the body skin cell, can let the skin inflammation easily, and it will also hinder the reticular structure of collagen, make skin more and more loose, high sugar diet can make the skin age faster.Wrinkles appear early, too!

3, the car used by Windows

the heart alone, seeking peaceful people like to sit by the window, but the former President of the American academy of dermatology, says Dr Ronald moi, car windshield and Windows can block the sun ultraviolet ray UVB, but cannot prevent the harmful ultraviolet light UVA, the longer it will increase the risk of skin aging and skin cancer.People may find driving to and from work every day, side face, neck and arm more severe sunburn.

this habit let a person crazy long face wrinkle

4, don't wear sunglasses and sunscreen

sunscreen is really very, very important, it 3 times!Now go out wearing sunglasses is not cool.Go out without wearing sunglasses, strong sunlight can be basked in the delicate eye skin;No matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, as long as it is to go outside, skin contact sunshine should use sunscreen.Not to say that only the hot summer can with sunscreen, the sun's ultraviolet rays on the skin has a very strong lethality.Not besmear bask in not only easy to grow old sunburn, uv may also make the skin appear malignant tumor, at the same time, do not prevent bask in light aging wrinkles that's no problem, so do not prevent bask in bad habits really makes you grow old!

5, wash gargle excessive

now go out in the outside, the makeup and sunscreen, sleeping of time not to discharge makeup.Eye makeup or to contact lenses, should avoid too pull and drag their eyelids;Some people think, keep skin clean skin will be good, so wash in the morning, at noon, washing, wash before going out, go out come back also wash, also in the wash before he goes to bed, don't know how to wash times a day, wash a face to be able to wash off the skin actually too much sebum, let lose protective layer and dry skin, accelerate the wrinkle formation.No matter which of the two, can make your skin become bad.

this habit let a person crazy long face wrinkle

6, don't use skincare products

dry skin moisturizing, sister don't do long wrinkles that was a capital of easy ~ there are no ugly women, only lazy ones.Just like people need to wear clothes, the maintenance of the skin to protect skin to taste, cannot cope with at will because love money or trouble, but when wrinkles climb up the face you want to spend time may not be able to recover.Usual apply apply moisturizing mask, apply moisturizing cream strong sex, do more mask can not only repair injury, also can make the skin moist luster.Pay attention to drink more water to work, do this, get rid of wrinkles!

7, long-term play mobile phone

looked down, in a few hours a day, or even 10 hours play mobile phone, always lower the head, long-term gravity and muscle movement, etc., had to maintain skin elasticity of elastic fiber fracture in the expression of constantly pulling, relaxation, often do the part of the expression can produce two-tone lines!This long-term stay up late, excessive fatigue, irregular life, can accelerate skin aging.So think for the future oneself, play less mobile phones, go to bed early!

this habit let a person crazy long face wrinkle

8, excessive cutin

get rid of the aging cutin can let the skin more tender, but too much scrubbing lose protection, makes the skin dry fine lines are easier to produce, so this bad habit must be change!

9, eating junk food

new study has found that those with whole grains instead of processed carbohydrates and protein food is not easy to long blain blain.High gi foods can lead to a rise in blood sugar, insulin, and insulin can stimulate the male hormone secretion of oils and fats, let skin long blain blain easily.

this habit let a person crazy long face wrinkle

so many will let us know the bad habit of wrinkles, don't you scare?So we will not lay down and die, to knit tips to make your skin restore full marks.1, fruit to knit method

take apple after half dolly, add 1 tablespoon honey and a little flour, tune into a paste.When used, the paste coated in the face, rinse after 30 minutes.1 ~ 2 times per week, to the effect of anti-wrinkle, enhance skin elasticity.

the orange peel, medical alcohol, add right amount honey, take out after a week in the fridge.Insist to use on the face, lubricate the skin and wrinkles.

cucumber and strawberry has clean face effect, the cucumber slices (or strawberry) apply on clean face, can make skin tender and smooth, remove wrinkles.

this habit let a person crazy long face wrinkle

2, do facial massage

every day with a little massage cream, with middle finger from the brows gently to outgoing under pressure, massage in wrinkles easily appear place repeat six times;Also can use the above fruits to knit method together with the use.

3, rice rice balls to knit

after the rice ready, select some softer tepid rice knead dough, put in facial massage, the grease and dirt within the pores of the skin sucked out, until the rice is becoming fat corrupt black, then wash face, can make skin breathe smoothly, so reduce wrinkle.Although it was a little sick, but the effect is very good.

this habit let a person crazy long face wrinkle

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