plants absorb the sun light energy is converted into material quality of long earth does get bigger

einstein's equation, points out that the quality of the object can be converted into energy, and super conversion coefficient, e=mc^ 2, of which m is mass and c is the speed of light, after the square was a great value.will release so atomic and hydrogen bombs so amazing energy.

since mass can be converted into energy, so the total energy of the object and the total quality should be a one-to-one, so the sun's energy absorbed by the earth, the earth's mass increase.

but, in fact, the mass energy equation is not this meaning.

photosynthesis itself does not let the total mass of the earth changes, because the light only provides the reaction energy source, and the material does not provide any response.

with the experimental results show that 12 of photon energy can make a molecule of water decomposition, this process is called the light reaction, oxygen is decomposed plant is not needed, direct release, produce hydrogen, into the stroma, participate in the dark reaction, and carbon dioxide in the stroma, produce the calvin cycle, to generate the sugar.

the photosynthesis of the chemical reaction equations are as follows:

12 co2 h2o+6-light-c6h12o6 o2+6+6 h2o(glucose)

all plant fixed carbon dioxide from the air, all the oxygen release from the roots to absorb moisture, chemical reaction equation is to follow the law of conservation of mass, so the total quality there would be no change.

photosynthesis directly involved in the earth's carbon cycle, cycle and water cycle, indirectly participate in the cycle of nitrogen and phosphorus cycle.

this cycle is referred to as biogeochemical cycle(biogeochemical cycle), the loop is to follow the law of conservation of mass.

it is the nature of photosynthesis plants by sunlight and organic matter, inorganic matter translate into process and release the process also generates new materials consumed with the quality of the reactants, so there is no quality will increase, the earth would be heavier.

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