alien life form or beyond imagination more than half a century ago experiment overturn human cognitive!

search for extraterrestrial life, it is necessary for us to look at our earth, dense forests, lakes, waterfalls, oceans, such a landscape doesn't seem to be common in the far, astronomers discovered the most distant world is frozen or the scorching desert, where nothing grows.

which is full of life on the earth, in the wilderness, grasslands, the depths of the ocean, in deep caves, and millions of only creatures with metropolis.such exceptions on earth should be how to explain?

there is a view that life is a byproduct of cosmic evolution under naturally, when the conditions needed for collection together, life is bound to produce, but that doesn't mean that it must be, must be similar to our form of life, single life is more likely to exist, that is perhaps the most widespread form of existence, scientists even predict that in the next 100 years, humans will will find other forms of life in the universe.

of course that prophecy is not just a belief, a kind of speculation.all over the world very objective research laboratory has confirmed to predict.biologists, chemists and astrophysicist can life phenomena outside the earth through the experiment on the planet.

, for example, scientists by reengineering the planet saturn's titan's atmospheric environment, by ammonia, methane and carbon monoxide in the composition of the atmosphere in a test tube, then put it into the liquid nitrogen to minus 180 degrees celsius, that's the temperature of the titan.finally, make a current loop between the two electrodes, simulated ultraviolet rays of the sun!after a few days, the scientists found that the hydrocarbons, they are organic matter, is the cornerstone of life!

in 1953, a young scientist stanley miller made a similar experiment, recreating the original earth's atmosphere, methane, ammonia, hydrogen, water vapor, he also got the same organic compounds.

for the public, that the impact of the discovery is like a flash of lightning, because the public does not realize that getting biological compounds is so easy, and the conditions of the laboratory is really quite simple, easy to get the fact that is a big surprise, for the public and some scientists are a huge surprise, they did not think in such a short time can build up the basic elements of life, it also means life, at least, is the basis of the material in the universe is likely to be everywhere!

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