lit jupiter in the solar system also need to how much the quality?the answer let people give up all the ideas


the universe impression depth science) 599 jupiter is the largest planets in the solar system, as a result of these gas planets, so there will be a lit jupiter into stars.but the idea certainly could not be achieved, lit jupiter in the solar system also need at least 13 times the mass of jupiter, theoretically with the basis of fusion.jupiter so even if is such, can't call them stars, because the stars need to be sustained nuclear fusion reaction, if the quality is not enough, this is clearly impossible to process, jupiter is like that.

astronomers think that planets like jupiter is generally formed by accretion process, to form a solid core, and then gathered a large number of gas around the core.once this process is complete, laid a solid foundation for the emergence of the gas giant planets.but the process is conditional, such as metal elements must be involved.if the solid core forming in the process of the metal element, so they save the star will also reflect properties of gold.

is a star in our solar system, jupiter from the start didn't reach the mass of the stars, also impossible to achieve in the future.13 jupiter masses is for brown dwarfs, if you want to form stable nuclear fusion, can burn billions of years, at least 70 times the quality of jupiter.obviously in the solar system where to get so many quality, so the light in the solar system that jupiter is not established.before have similar research, analysis how to jupiter for human use, jupiter may be able to provide a certain energy, such as jupiter's orbit to establish energy station, may make the night sky is slightly red, the whole night sky will be completely different.but we can't provide enough quality to jupiter, and jupiter into stars pass brown dwarfs this hurdle, but brown dwarfs are like planets in the universe formed by accretion.

they are like the stars, formation is formed by gravitational collapse.this means that they are not evolved by the solid core, this is a gaseous planet the distinction that having essence.observation on haven't found the so-called gaseous planet after getting enough quality into the case of brown dwarfs, is more of a gaseous planet rapid loss of quality due to the orbital period is too short.

it is interesting to note that in the solar system, we found that most of the exoplanets is still a hot jupiter, they orbit cycle is short, it is the solar system does not have.then jupiter in our solar system in the future won't be a brown dwarf is billions of years, to will happen orbital migration, into a short cycle hot jupiter, this is an interesting topic.the impression of today's headlines exclusive, other all is fake, reprinted are illegal.

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