excited nasa announced: this image successfully taken human exploration of space again to break the record!


first saw this picture, you may feel confused about, fuzzy purple center is a yellow and green spots, for the average person, at first glance, this can't see things.but this peculiar image is a historic event-nasa(nasa) of the new horizons spacecraft made history in this photo!

this photo is on december 5, nasa's new horizons under the capture of a set of satellite images, show is on the edge of the solar system objects in the kuiper belt 2012 hz84 he85(left) and 2012(right).took this photo before, new horizons distance from earth has reached a surprising range-3.79 billion miles!

in a few hours later, it beat their own record again and took the two objects in the kuiper belt.new horizons is already very deep space, under the picture, even more than in the last century the nasa travelers 1 capture famous"pale blue dot"image, even when nasa said, voyager 1 took the picture, a distance of 3.75 billion miles.

more than 20 years ago, have been flying in space for many years.fly to the edge of the solar system voyager 1 took a photo of striking looking back, in the photos, we live in a blue planet into a light blue dots.nasa says, new horizons is now the fifth fly out of man-made objects in the solar system.

on december 5, new vision also send some other images.this picture doesn't look beautiful black and white photos, for example, is the new horizons to wishing well taken when clusters, wishing well distance, about 1300 light-years from earth.

nasa's new horizons is the first time human depth to explore pluto, is also a human can close observation on the edge of the solar system for the first time the kuiper belt.at present, new horizons has been in hibernation, in 2019, new horizons will intimate with a man named 2014 mu69 celestial body contact.then, it will create a new history-one of the most remote in space exploration history to fly over.

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