the tesla roadster into space scientists: in less than a year to collapse

beijing february 8(reuters) 6, according to foreign media reports, local time, the exploration technology company(x)"falcon heavy"rocket launch, and will be a red the tesla roadster into space.according to the idea, the sports direction to mars, after a long trip to space.scientists point out, however, because of the radiation and space debris, the sports may be less than one year will be completely destroyed and disintegration.

according to the report, a chemist at the university of indiana, william carroll(william carroll), according to the floating in space a lot of stone, they are likely to be into space and space exploration technology company of the tesla roadster.moreover, even if the car can avoid collisions with large objects, and small stone"encounter"also hard to avoid.

local time on february 6, space exploration vehicle test falcon rocket blasted off successfully, will send a tesla roadster to flight orbit around the sun.

in addition, the radiation in space can also poses a great threat to the sports car.the earth's surface is different from the outer space, protected by magnetic field and atmosphere, and was not affected by the cosmic radiation and sun damage.carroll said:"in space, all organic compounds will be all kinds of radiation damage.

is pointed out that carol sent to mars the tesla roadster is composed of carbon fiber frame frame and plastic components such as organic matter, cosmic radiation will cause the car break into pieces.

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