why the east one fly in the fall?dongfanghong 1: good brother!

yes, in fact in the history of aerospace science and technology development in china, the east is no 1 as the first flight into space probe, is writing a history, so the successful launch in 1970 to today, the east is the number one has been flying for 48 years, until now it still hovering above our heads, to circle around the earth.

but the east is the number one while still exist, but it has already lost contact with us, because at the time of original design, the east is the number one design life of only 20 days or so, but in fact, the east is the number one a total of 28 days, 28 days this time, the east is the number one will detect the data transmission to the ground, perfect to complete a given task.

dongfanghong 1 at the beginning of the main research and development department is china's space technology research institute, the aim, in addition to win honor for our country, and probe the atmosphere and trial test of satellite technology, and so on to carry on the design, there is no carry energy solar panels as a satellite, but by a piece of chemical silver-zinc battery as the power source of the satellite, then due to chemical silver-zinc battery power is limited, so the east is a number only for 28 days.

but although dongfanghong 1 lost power source, but due to its environment, as well as generate centrifugal force around the earth and the earth's gravity balance relationship, it doesn't fall down, it will be because of inertia and centrifugal force, continue to run, so later we scientific observation also prove it, until today, the east is red one is still a good stay in the earth's orbit.

and then have a little to key here explain, because at that time, space technology in china started relatively late, so in design, starting point is higher than the average state, when the decision is after the satellite into orbit, to predict not only accurate, timely feedback, and let people all over the world can see, hear.

so in order to reach the expected effect, the east is the number one in the design of time is spent a lot of state of mind, not just in technology to solve, is unique in design, adopted 72 near the sphere's body, so under the irradiation of the sun, the moon will appear flashing special phenomenon, also is more likely to be observed.

in the end, we'll talk about the ultimate fate of the east is 1, in fact, the legendary satellites will not exist all the time, it is the ultimate fate of only two kinds, one kind is destroyed, the other is a human capture back, because it's how many there are still some thin air space environment, so now that there is air, resistance is inevitable, the east is number one sooner or later it to destruction.

and the other one is to say, because the technology is more complex, difficult to capture, can be also had two said, so in the short term, the recovery is not, of course, if you stand in my point of view, if one day mature technology, i still hope to be able to capture it back, after all, as the history of our country's no.1, the meaning of it is very big still, how many years later, may is a national treasure...

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