bill gates developed carbon reduction artifact to curb global warming on this big fan!

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although there are many people, including the president of the united states trump all doubt the accuracy of the global warming, but most scientists believe that global warming is happening on earth, and the outlook is not optimistic.america has a firm called carbon, carbon engineering company, the company was established in 2009, the investor is behind the microsoft founder bill gates.

carbon engineering company since was established, has been studying how to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere, thus reducing the temperature of the general, the idea is very simple, actually is to isolate carbon dioxide from the air co ₂, then collected co ₂ produce"carbon neutral", this can replace gasoline and diesel fuel, and environmentally the experiment in the laboratory is actually very simple, the key is, can you have the idea to form industrial scale, produce a batch of products.

the above is the principle of how to collect from the air co ₂ figure, no complicated chemical formula, is some simple physical and chemical reaction.according to the principle diagram, carbon engineering firms in the canadian wilderness, creating a huge portfolio fan, is shown below.

this large device called a dac, namely direct air capture, mean air capture.its multiple giant fan air can be sucked into the reaction chamber, and then you can separate the co ₂ and stored.the big guy can extract a day nearly 1 tons of co ₂, because the project is still in the experimental stage, so the collected co ₂ is back in the air again.

recently, carbon engineering company and california energy company began the cooperation.they are trying to use the respective technical advantages, the air co ₂ and out of the water electrolysis hydrogen synthesis, can produce a very clean present, their test has been successful, and this technology is called"a2f", namely"air to arg","by the air into fuel.

next, the two companies will get scale to get a2f technology and commercialization.their idea was that the non-agricultural land outside the city, can be set up as much as possible of such a"big fan", because the city is the biggest source of carbon dioxide, and cause the global warming.

a2f technology developers said, compared with biofuels, a2f requires very little land and water, as long as there is space, can set up the equipment.the question now is to find ways to a2f fuel costs and lower price, even lower than traditional gasoline and diesel prices, it is competitive in the market, and can bring profits for the company.

at present, the global emissions of carbon dioxide co ₂ has more than 41 billion tons, including fossil fuel and industrial activity of co ₂ accounted for 90% of the total emissions.according to the paris agreement, approved in 2015 for each country were regulations require emissions of carbon dioxide"tough".the agreement that will control the global average temperature is higher than before the industrial revolution the level of 2 degrees celsius, it is best to control within 1.5 degrees celsius, strive to realize zero emission of greenhouse gases in the second half of the century.only in this way, can reduce the ecological risk brought by global warming to the earth, human beings have the chance to survive.

but in june last year, the president of the united states announced his retirement from trump, the paris agreement because he did not believe that global warming is a scientific fact.the united states is the second largest country, global carbon emissions as much as 54.14 million tons per year.many scientists have blamed trump to exit the paris agreement is irresponsible, bill gates also think it is very important to the paris agreement, deserves the world abide by it.if in the future, cities around the world on all sides can establish a2f technology"big fan", perhaps can realize the goal of the paris agreement.

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