leader of the new moon will be born in the year uk media say this is china the united states

the moon project

out of the earth, into the dark blue are the two direction of human exploration, and lunar probing is the top priority of china's deep space exploration, china's space first yang liwei said that china is steadily advancing manned mission to the moon.from a human after landing on the moon for the first time in 1969, has been on the earth is full of curiosity.british media said, in 2018, the world will be born a leader of the new moon, and this is china, the united states is impossible.


according to the report, said china's lunar exploration project will achieve new breakthrough in 2018.lunar exploration project, deputy commander in chief ji-zhong liu, said chang 4 respectively in may and december in xichang satellite launch center, plans to launch in may is a star on the back of the moon more than 60000 kilometers location of the relay satellite, the satellite mission implementation and tt&c communication between ground stations on the back of the moon, once established communication, patrol and lander will be launched in december, a soft landing on the back of the relay measure-control support under the moon, carry out in place and patrol detection, and through the relay satellite to forward the detecting data to the ground station.


because of the earth's rotation and revolution of the same cycle, has been to one side in the face of the earth, the moon and the other side is called the earth on the back.because of the communication signal problem, there is no one nation can make the back of the probe landed on the moon.not affected by the earth's electromagnetic signals at the same time, the moon on the back of the electromagnetic environment more clean, is an ideal place for low-frequency radio astronomers study, at the same time has the oldest crustal rocks on the back of the moon, can take advantage of this unique conditions to carry out the geological characteristics of the investigation, the early evolution of the moon have a deeper understanding.


although china has made a great contribution in the field of the moon, but still stay on the unmanned lunar phases.this year, china's chang 'e no.4 will implement all mankind to a soft landing on the moon for the first time back, and radio frequency measurement, it is not only china's lunar exploration project a large progress, but also human lunar exploration project a big step forward.chang 'e no.4 will be back from the moon to carry out the radio frequency measure, because to avoid the interference of the sun and the earth, the measurement will be before the information cannot be obtained.

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