test the latest china military equipment make americans very nervous western evaluation tone heavy this time

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china in the recent four months launched 12 remote sensing satellites, this let the people nervous, if these satellites are used for military purposes, does this mean or 11 aircraft carriers in the united states instant dynamic will be mastered all the chinese army.

on september 29, 2017, on november 25, 26 december and january 25, 2018, china with a long march 2 c rocket four times sent 12 remote sensing satellites into space.remote sensing 30 01, 02, 03 and 04 group 12 satellite deployment accordingly.

30 satellite remote sensing, the development of the high score project in china, according to media reports, more than 30 01 set to 4 set of satellite remote sensing using star network model, and can be used to detect in the electromagnetic environment and the related technology test.

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2015 launch of china's jilin no.1 for commercial resolution remote sensing satellite is 0.72 m, according to the military base of satellite images taken by the public and dynamic video analysis of hong kong, china's satellite remote sensing technology has reached the world first-class level.it follows the resolution of the new type of 30 satellite remote sensing will be higher.

it makes americans nervous, according to u.s.media reports, they believe that china launched 30 series of remote sensing satellite is testing the latest military equipment, the new electronic listening devices to keep track of u.s.forces in the global deployment.

according to western media previously reported that china's deployment of 10 or so military surveillance satellites in space, you can carry on the omni-directional coverage of the pacific ocean monitoring, and at present china's remote sensing 30 01 to 04 group has released 12 satellites, according to the analysis, if 30 series of remote sensing satellites are used for military purposes, u.s.forces in the pacific deployment of all aircraft carrier will be at the mercy of the chinese military.

data figure:satellite

and according to the analysis of the current 30 series of remote sensing satellite launch or to continue, the speed of a missile is according to the current monthly samsung, or will soon complete the global networking.this means, the americans in the global deployment, and real-time dynamic 11 aircraft carriers as long as china needs to know, can be obtained at any time.this solved by western questioned before, although china has the dongfeng 21 d and a variety of anti-ship cruise missiles, but the problem of lack of accurate guide.

even more american unease, 30 series of remote sensing satellites to carry out the relevant technology of the electromagnetic environment detecting, after media reported in china in the electromagnetic environment detection technology breakthrough, say china can take advantage of this technique to detect hidden deep in the bottom of the sea nuclear submarine, recipients will be able to ignore the submarine electromagnetic environment detection technique of silent performance, as long as there is a can be found.if 30 satellite remote sensing application, this technology will be a deadly threat to the us military.

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