when the andromeda galaxy hit the earth?


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in the history of the milky way, absorb other galaxies might not be what strange things.recently, astronomers said they use dark energy camera found 11 new stars in the milky way flow, thus infer the crazy"story"-the milky way once swallowed up 11 galaxies.

left for the milky way and andromeda galaxy merger process idea figure.pictures from left to right, from top to bottom in turn for:now, 2 billion years, 3.75 billion years later, after 3.85 billion years, 3.9 billion years, 4 billion years, 5.1 billion years, 7 billion years later the merger of the two galaxies, two galaxies will eventually and synthesis of a giant elliptical galaxy.

but again crazy history is the past, will directly affect our coming.have observed evidence, for example, the milky way and andromeda galaxy is closer, scientists speculate that the two collided head-on, may merge to a larger galaxy.by then, the dwarf galaxies around may also be gradually merged, finally realizes the unification of clusters of galaxies.the news caused numerous discussions, as for the view is multifarious.some people say that there is a big things happen, also some people said that the earth will perish, and people ask, will hit when the fireworks?

"collision"merge","key words very fierce, it sounds really scary.but, wait a minute, scientists?is there so serious?

a collision?true, but is billions of years later

two spiral galaxy ngc 2207 and ic 2163 is compounded nasa

the andromeda galaxy is one of the largest galaxies in this group of galaxies, is toward the milky way at a speed of 300 kilometers per second.it collided with the milky way's meet will take place in 30-4 billion years.

about the milky way and andromeda galaxy, is not all strange astronomy enthusiasts.the former is the earth's galaxy, we first heard about the legend of the sky is mostly derived from this;and the andromeda galaxy because is from recent large galaxy, the milky way has been high-profile.the andromeda galaxy, also known as m31, about 2.5 million light-years from the milky way, humans have been observed more than 1000 years ago the andromeda galaxy, once identified as the cloud.until the early 20th century, astronomers confirm the andromeda galaxy is independent of the milky way galaxy.

to say the two galaxies there is one thing in common, that is"big".the milky way of stars has 150 billion large galaxies, already big enough?the andromeda galaxy is bigger, astronomical observation found a times larger than the milky way, it has about 300 billion stars, not only the quality is 2 times of the milky way, diameter and at least 2 times of the milky way.

according to the scientists, the andromeda galaxy is one of the largest galaxies in this group of galaxies that are toward the milky way at a speed of 300 kilometers per second movement, a few years ago, nasa made a collision between merger in the computerized, blockbuster.for many years thereafter, every once in a while, the milky way and andromeda galaxy will collide it would have been"hyped"on the internet.

and, in fact, the two collided to meet will take place in 30-4 billion years later, the merger and integration into a galaxy is happen in 6 billion years.at that time of the solar system, and we live the earth have been great changes have taken place, this is another big topic.to paraphrase the astronomy enthusiasts kidding, merger is still a long way off, there is still time to hoarding instant noodles.

there are great things?false, has had little impact on the earth

the sun and the recent proxima across 4.22 light-years away, is farther than the other stars.when the milky way and andromeda crash, the vast majority of star in the distance between each other, with the possibility of direct collision is very small.

imagine, two large galaxies collided.two large galaxies collided, both added up to 450 billion stars hit together, will is very exciting, very close?will there be spark explosion, will there be the universe?the fact is that you want to.

researcher at the national observatory gou lijun told reporters, the journal of science and technology of the two collided with the earth's influence is not big.

astronomers ever do precise calculation, found that when galaxies collide, although both collision, merge is inevitable, but the star direct collision risk is almost zero.

it sounds a bit illogical?in fact, it is because of the reason of the low density of the stars.although the volume of a star in the human eye is very large, but the stars and the space between the stars is much bigger than the star itself, such as the sun's diameter is about 1.4 million kilometers, but the sun and the recent proxima across 4.22 light-years away, is farther than the other stars.

in thousands of kilometers contrast light years in diameter, the gap is not a general.so, scientists measure, can only be seen when the milky way and andromeda crash, the vast majority of stars will be in the mutual penetration between the gap, the direct collision possibility is very small.

in the amateur astronomers have known the antennae galaxies is composed of two galaxies merge.45 million light-years away in the corvus, galaxies are two similar to the size of the spiral galaxies collide.

about 1.2 billion years ago, the antennae galaxies is still a separate two galaxies.about 900 million years ago, ngc4038 and ngc4039 two galaxies started to contact.about 600 million years ago, two galaxies staggered.as astronomers measure, because the density is extremely low, most of the space in the galaxies are empty, between between the galaxies, stars, interstellar matter doesn't like people think of violent collisions, the original of the collision of two galaxies penetrate each other.until 300 million years ago, the two galaxies in the role of strong tidal forces, constantly blend, began to gradually became now we see.

tentacles galaxy merger process basic can see the milky way and andromeda galaxy merger process in the future.

attraction is always, often collide, the common heart yo

most galaxies probably at least in their life experience a major collision.in most cases, the colliding galaxies just lose some stars outside, they are strong gravity involved, and then thrown into space.

to astronomers crash this thing really is nothing big deal, not only because it is slow, very long time, also not only because the planet hit probability is very low, more important is colliding galaxies in the universe is quite common.

mr gou said the collision and fusion phenomenon known as the merger in astronomy, the merger process is very common in the universe, especially in the early universe.according to scientists, even in the present in the universe, there are many galaxies are mergers with other galaxies.in may 2017, the sky with a telescope magazine has published titled"collision of galaxy clusters, introduces several galaxy merger case, show the beautiful picture.

gou lijun said, the appearance and consolidation of the galaxies merged galaxy quality ratio is a relationship, if one of the galaxy is three times more than the quality of another galaxy, so we call such a merger a merger, small galaxies will be absorb a large galaxies and galaxy is not much impact on the main;if two galaxies, this time for the galaxy will be affected.

"galaxies often clouds gathered, and galactic collisions and mergers between is caused by the attraction between the two,"said mr gou.

in fact, most of the galaxy around in their life at least go through a major collision.many people think the andromeda galaxy in the past had happened at least once and in other galaxies collide.in most cases, the colliding galaxies just lose some stars outside, they are strong gravity involved, and then thrown into space.

galaxy collision is also the key of the galaxy evolution, it not only bring destruction, also bring a new life.the hubble space telescope in a few years to 30, 123 light years extremely bright infrared galaxies to search, found that 30% multiple mergers are visible.scientists believe that in the early universe, colliding galaxies often happen, and produced many new stars.

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