nasa: an asteroid is thousands of kilometers per hour, the speed of the running of the earth

on january 17, according to nasa(nasa) is the latest news, discovered in 2002 yz4 asteroids, 1.1 kilometers in diameter, 0.8 km present, is about 107000 kilometers per hour speed running towards the earth.according to its speed and trajectory, on february 4, 2018, at about 4.208 million kilometers from order to protect the earth from being attacked by a planet, astronomers scientists through the calculated data, all within the scope of the asteroid, about 4.6 million kilometers into the earth, the earth will face the danger of potential, these risks mainly reflects in the link?

asteroids are large celestial body after the explosion, the remnant of the rock.they drifted in the universe, are influenced by the gravitational pull between celestial bodies change direction.all kinds of asteroids into the inner solar system, much of it from the other galaxies bang.although left the parent body, because of the special environment, inner universe they also have their own corresponding trajectories.however, their trajectory is not fixed for a long time, but by gravity changes at any time.therefore, an asteroid into earth 4.6 million km, once by the sun or other planet's gravitational tug, will become increasingly unstable.according to the speed of 107000 km per hour, which is 2 days time to hit the earth.and all this happened, i don't control by us human beings.therefore, an asteroid hit the earth is not alarmist.

in the future one day, the object, we human beings cannot resist attacks, what would happen?has always been a matter of scientists in the the event of an asteroid hit the earth, in addition to the devastating blow to life on earth, the climate will change too hot or cold.the dinosaurs, tens of millions of years ago, is the end of the asteroid impacts.according to nasa, according to nasa, a total of 2017 found 1985 potentially hazardous asteroids, on average every day about 5.5 toward the earth.

so, asteroid strikes, we humans have a means to protect the earth?of course there are way!whenever an asteroid to attack, scientists through the telescope to observe the asteroid's trajectory, shape, size, quality and rotation speed, etc., to get the data for simulation analysis.once the risk poses a unstoppable, will in a few hours blasting interceptor missile.

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