scientists have discovered the mystery of the mantis shrimp iron fist hard or high-strength aerospace materials research and development

studies have shown that the mantis shrimp is used to knock prey rod-shaped jaw foot very hard, by scanning electron microscope analysis, scientists have discovered the secrets of its internal multi-layer microstructures, the study has been published on january 16, 2018 of the advanced materials(advanced materials)".

mantis shrimp, commonly known as del piero shrimp, is in the category of mouth and foot animals live in the ocean.its most prominent characteristics is that the body had long rod-shaped jaw foot has a pair of very the time of attack prey, the jaw foot in ultra high speed ejection, like cinderella fierce hit prey, crabs or shellfish shells that are directly related to the break.its top speed comparable to some gun, therefore, raising the pretty little animals or a bullet-proof glass fish tank as well.

although these jaw foot after a large number of percussion, also needs to repair itself by molting, but, what is the solid structure, supporting the they can use the speed of the bullet hitting hard objects and keep itself does not burst or?

recently, of the university of california, riverside, chemical and environmental engineering, a scientific research team of mantis shrimp, and other arthropods body of scanning electron microscopy(sem) analysis, discover the secrets of the body hard and impact resistance.

by the analysis of the surface layer of the jaw foot, is made up of calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and other minerals with alpha chitin and organic compound and into.microstructure of these materials are arranged neatly:thin layer structure tightly stacked at the same time, there are still some fibrous structure in's formed a combination of hard material and flexible material multi-layer composite structure, make its in tough and not easily broken.

more than that, the researchers also tested the internal structure of the jaw foot, they found that these jaw foot center is mainly composed of fiber material, there are a lot of empty.and the hole arrangement is very clever, can very good absorption of jaw foot in tapping the tremendous impact of the prey, and its principle and some existing senior bicycle helmets and shock absorption structure is very similar in golf clubs.visible, these humans developed the"advanced"engineering structure, have been clever design out nature, that might mean"in the process of evolution, nature will inadvertently use internal modeling process, through adaptive to design high performance structure", wrote in the article.

in fact, this"outer hard, internal shock absorption"design, is a kind of high degree of general industrial design early as 2000 years ago, ancient chinese when casting bronze sword, had begun to match with different hardness materials and let the sword of the outer hard and sharp internal flexible, elastic, formed the famous"double color sword".

apparently, mantis shrimp jaw foot microstructure is to allow stronger reliable important reference materials.the united states air force office of scientific research has invested$7.5 million to fund the new study, the researchers also hope to be able to by bionics to develop the next generation of ultra high strength composite materials, used in spacecraft and advanced sports equipment and other fields.

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