through back to the years of tongling

image is the most intuitive way to record the history, also is the most effective way to modern people to understand history.through concrete and vivid visual image, we can cross history, traced back the developing course of the past, to better grasp the present and we will through a set of satellite photos back to tongling, fifty years ago, look at the light and shadow in tongling what is look like in 1968.

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in the 1960 s, the united states to launch and run the"halo"(corona) reconnaissance satellite system, photographic reconnaissance was carried out on the important national activities."halo"series of satellites mainly includes, kh kh-1-4 a and kh-4 b series, orbiting between 1960 and 1972.below for displaying images is on february 10, 1968(e)"of the 12 noon kh-4 b reconnaissance satellites from tongling 150 km above the part of the satellite image, the original image numbers for ds1106-2070 da219, camera lens is 610 mm lens, image resolution is about 2 m to 3 m.the usgs in these image resources has now been foreign official release.image details

the original image is very big, about 220 m, because use the banner scanning way, the original image is elongated.this article adopts the way of the screenshot to display.first, by the yangtze river and the old continent township can determine the shape of tongling shown in figure 1

figure to tongling were on february 10, 68 images show details

by zoom function, can be found in february 1968 in tongling city basic construction of the city.east road of the yangtze river and the yangtze river west road has been completed, the northern section of huaihe road construction, the huaihe river center has already completed, yian avenue is clearly visible.details as shown in figure 2:

figure on february 10, 68:in the tongling city main road construction is

look carefully, can find a lot of interesting place(as shown in figure 3):

a now in the middle of the mall, at that time is a park, triangular.(the blue circle labeling)

b now 35, that is, one, you can see the classroom building and the distribution of the playground.(red circle marked)

c the shahe, black and black shahe outlet, can also be found in the image.asterisk(pink line)

d yang's mountain and ann avenue south fork road is clearly visible.(green circle labeling)

e the residents housing mainly bungalow, size are unified.

f can be seen in the picture part of a smelting production is underway, a big chimney smelting of industrial waste gas is very obvious.

figure 3:urban amplification effect

in the image can also see the nonferrous company compound and non-ferrous worker hospital(now the city hospital).through the images can be seen in february 1968 nonferrous company compound building distribution(red circle marked point), clearer nonferrous company's main building, the residents construction also can be seen on both sides of the color all the circle mark was colored worker hospital, non-ferrous worker hospital was set up two years, have already begun to take huaihe road or a piece of farmland, and now the stadium was a near the ground.through the image can also see the colored sussing out company, careful readers a look at.

figure 4:non-ferrous worker hospital and nonferrous company

in those days people's elementary school and the swimming pool is clearly visible, people still in the primary school, just people swimming pool has been torn down.

figure 5:people's elementary school and swimming pool


image contrast

in this part of the two contrast diagram:a satellite image shows that liberation near west village(now screw near the mountain community), another picture shows from a screw the liberation of the west village(s is unknown and information found on the internet).the green circle show is the earliest stadium in tongling, red circle is displayed when workers in the cinema, the purple circle shows that copper mine workers' club.across the street is with the residents of the bungalow.these two photos are compared, it can be found that the liberation of the west village prosperous situation.

figure 6:contrast figure

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due to the original image is bigger, cannot in this will be demonstrated in detail.if interested friends can contact small make up for the original image.the author that there are taken by american reconnaissance satellites kh-9 november 10, 1974 in the tongling area images, can also be interested in reading.these image data of exceptional value and significance, in the image retains a lot of tongling area original landform features and the distribution of building, has kept the production information of city life, for the study of tongling city development history is a versatile material.

please the author is in tongling city retired workers

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