the universe have an end?if the universe is infinite will produce a reverse the fact you through


the big bang, the universe was born at this time, then have incredibly high temperature, all formed a cosmic energy released in the explosion.physicist alan for this cosmic event has made the most convincing is the most detailed description, it all depends on the bubbles to help.

he thought were formed after the big bang of the universe, the rapid expansion of in a very short period of time, like bubbles, in this very short, in the process of the expansion of the material already all formed the basis of our universe is required, the"very short"here really is just a flash, the expansion of the anomaly is short and time is about one trillion the third power of a fraction of a second, after the decimal point 35 0 and a 1.

this is a very short duration of bubbles form that we see the universe, and we can see is really a small portion of the universe, we can observe a certain range of the universe, light after a period of time is needed to be we detected, and the light can cross fixed distance, that's all we can see, it is a fixed scope.

many scientists believe that, as far afield as we can see the universe beyond limit, there is a larger universe.we don't know how big is the universe, we now can see is limitless universe seems to be endless, so one possibility is the universe has no end, it is likely to be infinite.

if our universe is not marginal, this raises a question.we and the earth were made of particles, the particles to attached together to form the planet earth is probably only a limited number of ways.

in the infinite universe, limited permutation and combination of atoms and molecules will eventually occur repeatedly, make copies, similar to that of the us eventually create an exact replica of with is easy to understand, to think, when all possible combinations are used up, there have been a combination of repetition occurs, and if the universe does not end, so all the material must have an unlimited number of copies!somewhere, there must be another atoms together to form the same planet as the earth, it must also have a replica of the same with you, everything will be all around us have a copy!

in these replica of the universe, to those who look like you would think that they are your, they know your inner thoughts, have your memories.however, those who hide somewhere is not your only copy!!

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