scientists confirm that the largest submarine volcanic eruptions

sydney january 17(xinhua) to an international research team led by australian scientists by sea pumice analysis found that new zealand near the sea, undersea volcano eruption in 2012 is by far the largest known deep-sea volcanic eruptions.

volcanology expert at the university of tasmania rebecca kelly and his team in the new issue of the journal science progress report, said the researchers in 2012 by satellite imaging reconnaissance to the coast of new zealand a giant volcanic pumice, about the size of 400 square kilometers.analysis found that the pumice is about 1000 kilometers away from new zealand's north island, volcanic eruption.

in 2015, the team used the autonomous underwater vehicle, unmanned remote submersible equipment of the samples were drawn from the volcano, er, observation and collection.the results showed that, the 2012 eruption volcanoes on the ocean floor is the largest deep-sea volcanic eruption in one hundred years, its scale is equivalent to about 20 century on land the largest volcanic eruptions.

kelly said:"we can prove that the volcanic eruption is very complicated, there are as many as 14 nozzle, the nozzle means mass burst of volcanic body."

the researchers say, because nearly 80% of volcano for underwater volcanoes on earth, so understand the submarine volcanic eruption is very addition, the study collected data will also help biologists better understand the undersea volcano broke out of the ecosystem reconstruction process.

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