it is said that in the planet into the little ice age?

the national geographic magazine released a video on the internet spread quickly, even by cctv news forwarding, melting ice caps due to global warming, the polar bear population are greatly reduced, a thin bone mountain dizzying array of polar bears in the ice-free arctic hard looking for food.and that is the influence of the greenhouse effect caused by the most direct embodiment.

parts in recent years, our country historically low temperature, a number of research institutions reported world faces drought in one thousand, the world into a new little ice age?parts of ice age whether there is also a severe drought, parts of the extreme low temperature, complex global weather increases?from the point of the observation, in the history of the earth although happened many big or small ice age, but the exact data available show that the glaciers have never down to less than 30 degrees north and south latitude regions.

20000 years ago in the history of mankind's last great ice age, glaciers in the northern hemisphere and only extends to 40 degrees north latitude discover magazine article says there are signs that the fifth discipline ice age is coming, some canadian academy of sciences also think areas has stepped into a new ice age.

a television in the united states also hinted that the actual earth in 1970 years or so have been entered the fifth discipline ice age.researchers at the potsdam institute for climate change, taiwan fang, the review through the model show that global warming will change the flow of the gulf stream, which leads to the continent into the ice age.

, according to mr stowe's global temperatures could eventually lead to a european regional ice age.climate scientists even indirectly proves that the gulf stream heat effect in the north atlantic ocean waters has been significantly reduced, in recent years, the climate of europe is becoming more and more capricious.pennsylvania state university professor richard o ley think, if you think that the earth will be more and more hot, it would be wrong, in the near future, some parts of the earth will be getting cold, and the changes in temperature change may take place between a few years.

so far, the climate was thought to be in the tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years of slow changes in the interval.but in fact, the professor ley found in the study, even multiple glacial such dramatic climate change is also appeared in a hurry, in a short period of time and end in a hurry.from the warm climate to ice age, from the ice age to the warm climate, this kind of dramatic changes lasted only a few years.professor o ley think ice melt into the problem of fresh water into the sea a greater impact on climate.

if the ice melts into water flows into the north atlantic in great quantities, so that the salinity of sea water is low, so the freezing point of the water will rise, north atlantic could freeze in winter.if such warm air shipments to north"conveyor belt"will be shut down, can fully prevent cooling seawater warming will attack the nordic region:this cooling is known as the little ice age.

o professor ley speculates that this phenomenon is continually happening around the world as a result, the 'make the world into a state of"ice age"dappled, temperate to tropical is one area of change, change another one temperate to frigid region.the changes do not need a few hundred years to appear, just a few decades will happen suddenly.

it seems to explain why some areas more and more hot, and in some areas appear history rare cold weather.ley o professor thought from the perspective of the change of the temperature poles now, 40 years later, in 2050, part of the rich natural resources, a temperate regions are likely to suddenly become ice world of plant growth.

the global climate is warming or cooling, academic circles have been controversial.

according to the research of stratigraphy, sunspot activity has been going on for hundreds of millions of years, at least in cycles and sunspot activity, during the period of cycle, the sunspot number will be less by changeable, again by a little more, so cycle to the next cycle, the only cycle about every 11 years, and are now in a cycle 24, the cycle of solar activity maximum on between 2014 and 2015, so now the number of sunspots drop period.

solar experts, is also a famous meteorologist's paul dorian warning, no sunspots state the number of occurrences of the sun might be more and more frequent, from the beginning only lasts for a few days, can become a few weeks after, then, may be a few months time, isn't visible sunspots, and sunspots reaches the bottom of your minimum time, might fall in between 2019 and 2020, that is to say, the distance to the minimum during this period, the sun will no sunspots appear constantly.

dorian believed that by historical observation records, the duration of the maunder minimum if too long, can lead to the bottom of the earth's atmosphere, is the tropospheric temperature drops, directly affect the us in the troposphere, lead to global into the"little ice age".and if with the number of sunspots reaches the minimum to the bottom of your time, so the time of the"little ice age"may be fastest in 2019.

if the earth really can enter the little ice age in 2019, the greenhouse effect problem can can be solved, from this perspective it is a good news.

but the arrival of the little ice age will also cause problems.the little ice age will cause the earth's temperature dropped substantially, the global grain production and the resulting social upheaval, population decline.another feature of the little ice age is considerable weather variation, i.e.the extreme weather occurred england, according to meteorological data between 1659-1979, the coldest and the hottest tend to occur in winter and summer in the little ice age.the thames river in london in 1664-1665 to 1813-1814 between 20 to 22, frozen londoners and even on the frozen river and other activities with a dance party.this time, the dutch canal also often freezes.landscape of ice and snow become the norm, has now become a painter's common view.

the little ice age also happens in china.from zhu written in the history of china's meteorological data, can know a few times the largest in the history of chinese do during the period of social unrest and four times that there is a close relationship between the little ice age, the failure cause of bureaucracy is not entirely.shells at the end of the early years of the western zhou dynasty is the first time the little ice age, the eastern han dynasty, three kingdoms, western jin dynasty is the second time the little ice age, tang, five dynasties and early northern song dynasty is the third time the little ice age, the late ming dynasty is the fourth time the little ice age.when the temperature drops, resulting in the northern drought, grain production in great quantities, formation of decades of social turmoil and conflict, long-term hunger is the root cause of war unlimited expansion.

three times before the"little ice age"of china's population by more than four 5, the late ming dynasty the last population decline only half is benefited from america's drought resistance and high yield crop of potatoes, corn and sweet potato to save the end of shells and changes in the population of the early lack of historical the end of the eastern han dynasty, the han nationality population is sixty million, after decades of famine and war to unify in west han population of only seven million seven hundred thousand.then a disorderly, five of eight king wild china, north and south china han population of only four million.when the population decline is quite astonishing.tang han population is sixty million, and early northern song dynasty only twenty million.the late ming dynasty, the han population of one hundred and twenty million, to social stability at the beginning of the qing dynasty left more than five thousand, the dalai lama americas incoming potatoes, sweet potatoes and corn crops drought resistance and high yield to for help.

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