get the wrong script?foreign media said china or germany advanced aircraft engine technology

on january 14, hong kong media published an article said that china is selling germany consults a jet engine technology., a senior official scientists revealed that china is discuss germany of first-class machinery and technology, etc, these machines, technology is important for manufacturing high performance jet engines.the scientist says, can bear than the related machines used in the production of high melting point metal alloy turbine blade of hundreds of degrees celsius.are involved in the negotiations, due to the sensitive, the scientists asked not to be identified.

in the modern aircraft, whether military or civilian, turbine blades is one of the most important components, the performance is determined by a jet engine safety, strong and with china as the world's largest commercial aircraft market, the technological progress will be made in china jet engine is extremely important step.

in recent years, by leaps and bounds on the turbine blade processing technology, combined with the alloy casting and aerodynamic design for breakthrough unceasingly, china has to make a series of powerful new military jet of the most striking is designed for china annihilates-20 stealth fighter ws-15 turbofan engine.the engine reliability problems encountered, but the official media said last year its performance has been with the world's most advanced aircraft engine-the us f-22 stealth aircraft use f119 turbofan, both china and the united states is the world's only country with a tactical stealth fighter in active service.

"we would like to work with german partners to share our newest equipment technology", the scientists said,"the industry representatives of the two countries have completed the first round of contact."to have always is famous for its high quality products of first-class germany's export machine, to improve the international image of china's manufacturing industry.

he said, from xi 'an, china's main production base of military aircraft engine--a delegation, will be in berlin and with germany earlier this year to draft the proposal for export.he asked not to disclose the name of the relevant government departments and businesses, because the consultation is still in the initial view of such sensitivity of dual-use machines and technology, the deal will need china-germany the two governments for examination and approval.

participated in research and development the chinese air force jets new engine expert round(sound), said if china to germany, at the end of world war ii to create the world's first jet engine and for the us and uk manufacturers to provide numerous aircraft engine parts, including such as turbine blades-provides a military jet engine technology, he wouldn't be surprised,"it is very likely.china manufacturing has numerous strategic industry in recent years has made significant progress."

but another aircraft engine, working in germany for many years, scientists say, and the deal will be difficult to achieve,"germany are the allies of the united states.germany in the sensitive technology cooperation with china will face a lot of restrictions."

american and british law is home to four jet engine manufacturers in the world."we(processed) machine performance has in some ways more than their", according to scientists from xi 'an,"the germans have seen and are interested in our technology is more and more."

the laser processing technology of huazhong university of science and technology, said professor peng guhui many worked in companies such as ge's chinese researchers and engineers have to return home, and boost china's research and development the speed of the aircraft engines.

but, he says, to promote china's scientific and technological innovation is more crucial factor is the size of the market.china's active duty military aircraft number only to the united states.rapid growth of china's air force demand for turbine blades, ask the industry to provide better methods."china will be able to make the best of mobile phones, because demand is huge", peng said,"the same applies to jet engines."

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