the absorption of a black hole there is a limit?experts found a black hole to spit out material!

the boundless universe, there are a lot of the fallacy of the material, the black hole is one of these mysterious substance, the existence of every black hole may is a disaster for the universe, unlimited chaoneng gravity, black holes of all the material around the black hole could not escape the fate of the absorbed, even invisible light can escape the fate of the absorption in the process of research into black holes, astronomers discovered an interesting thing, some of the black hole is more than just the physical absorption, it will be to spit out the material, these things spit out some of the galaxy is before you swallow it.

the black hole is about twenty million light-years from earth, supermassive black holes had appeared the phenomenon of indigestion, whenever the hiccups, will be a little squirt of cosmic substances.astronomers using band telescope to explore the research of the phenomenon, the scientists gave its numbers for its companion galaxy, around the galaxy's another star, its shape for whirlpool system structure, the distance between the two is very close, is mainly due to the astral between gravity binds them together.before scientists discovered the two x-ray alone, they are considered one of matter tun out of the black hole.

the british astronomical society also issued relevant bulletin, the british astronomer according to the image of telescope and combining other telescope observations, thus burp the details of the study of black holes.

every one galaxy in the universe, there will be a supermassive black holes exist, they are super gravity all around the inhaled into the body, so the quality of the black hole itself is very big, sometimes the entire galaxy will also become a black hole.

scientists gives a reasonable explanation for this phenomenon, when the high speed rotating objects rolling fall into a black hole, they will form a kind of structure of the disc, when this kind of structure development to a certain extent, black holes will not be able to continue to absorb other substances, then there will be what we call a indigestion, resulting in accretion disk rupture.ran out of vast amounts of material from a black hole.

black hole should also have eat phenomenon exists, the scientists also found that black holes have the phenomenon of death, the black hole after death will be a white hole, and the operation principle of a white hole would and black holes, black holes and also has the physical cycle life.

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