if you find a similar shang dynasty that alien civilization human do

famous british physicist stephen hawking's breakthrough"listening"project from publicly for the first time the green bank telescope giant listening devices for data, although there is no clear the discovery of traces of aliens, but hawking insists that the existence of aliens is not need special certificate, because the universe has 100 billion galaxies, each galaxy and hundreds of millions of stars, the earth can't be the only planet with life, these large numbers is the best proof of aliens exist.

it is also a lot of people concern, if aliens are far stronger than us, their occupation of the earth will bring destruction to human, such a plot in the hollywood blockbuster.

however, if discovery is lower than humans alien civilization?

the movie"the rise of scarlet ball"should be a lot of people have seen that film discussion is for"not my race, the heart will"thinking.

when the gorilla will no longer be in zoos for people entertainment, but with the human thinking and feelings, the human is them as a friend or foe?

nasa has a set of detailed rules of planetary protection, to ensure that the man will not pollution mars or other possible habitable world.

of course, the scientific research and exploration, there is no concern on the survival pressure.if there is a pressure to survive, and the condition of the resource, and just have the technological ability of freedom in space shuttle, so lower alien civilization is something of a threat.seized from the monkey, after all, a banana is not how much the heart condemn, regardless of whether this banana is to feed the monkey a belly.

again, for example, if you are buying a car to buy a house, to repay the loan, such as life pressure and travel.then send to you a piece of land, how to develop your in charge.price is just destroy the land originally life of ants., would you like to?

in fact, quite a cliche is"three body"of the dark forest law(aliens may in science and technology in the future more than the earth, and to the colonial earth.in order to suppress the potential, must kill aliens or remote control and light damage.this is the so-called dark forest law of the universe.).strong swallow is weak, the weak resistance, it is inevitable trend.

but, i want to say that the results before, to see what would happen:

1.the first discovery of secrecy and fear

, big, or small, once found this thing, as if to master the key to the fate of a human.fear and nervous, the opportunities of upcoming still early to predict the destruction, which will become their concerns.will be in a long time, their research and not to be shared.

2.the second stage:the arrival of the opportunity

when the study found that an alien civilization is relatively low, will begin to enter the bonus period of discovering the new continent.this time, will enter the stage, however, contain each other and mutual between the great powers.you know.at this stage, the basic will be secret between policy makers around the world.countries began to look for their own chips and policy strategies.especially in smaller countries, especially want this kind of thing to be reversed.the international situation, the rotation.

3.stage 3:tit-for-tat

what is aggression get its resources, to communicate or contact or deterrence..issues will be on the tooling, various groups from each other, before the final decision, may, might even be a small war.

4.seeks the move

when it comes to this, in fact countries in dealing with international issues, are a little sun tzu's the art of meaning in it.after the heat of the third stage, the world has a relatively unified conclusion, instead, the next step will be delayed.seeks the move and see what other countries, and finally could reach for decades or even hundreds of years only during the period without action.

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