a priceless diamond aerolite from space experts are beginning to doubt the life

fun exploring-a meteorites from outer space is captured by the earth's gravity, hit in the deserts of egypt, in december 1996, experts discovered the meteorite, and found that the intruder from 28 million years ago, in order to show its special, specifically to a western female mathematician and astronomer hypatia named after.

although the scientists collected a large number of meteorite samples on earth, but this time when experts see the sea the parthians shi still ate a surprised, is not without reason scientists make a fuss, but it comes from deep space hypatia stone contain other meteorites could see rare ingredients"diamond".here, it is estimated that many friends would have hope in front of this meteor will hit your idea.
from researchers at the university of johannesburg recently marco andreoli dr again hypatia stone, stone by researchers into about 1 cm or smaller parts.dr marco andreoli, using the most advanced scanning technology to analysis the structure of hypatia stone, found that the ratio between the elements in the meteorite and now the earth and other planets in different measuring ingredients.hypatia stone containing diamond and other rare ingredients, indeed valuable.

experts think this intruder meteorites are likely to be in the universe is still in the early formation of the formed, perhaps before the solar system and other galaxies birth period.this must be enormous, before its arrival brought human no trace compound ingredients in a large number of meteorites and comets, the experts began to suspect that life, experts believe that the relevant of popular science books may need to write.experts said the study in the parthians stone sea components will be able to let the human to better understand the formation of the solar system, even could explore the formation of the universe.

this ever let marco andreoli dr doubt this hypatia stone might come from the distant alien life, the universe if this is true, this means that the human has found the trail of the aliens.

there are experts think hypatia stone is likely to come from the cosmic dust before the birth of the solar system, if this is true, then the current human theory of the solar system and universe shows there is a mistake, have to change the history books, for clues to establish new theory will be based on the cloud elements, the late were formed in our bodies found in the universe.

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