it is the most incredible universe world beyond your imagination

1.most are not suitable for the survival of the planet

most of the planets in the universe are not suitable for the survival, to the earth so beautiful is really too little.the planet hd 149026 b is a hell world, it absorbs large amounts of radiation from very nearby stars light, and make its surface reaches more than 3600 degrees.

that is to say, in this world, even the steel will be melt into a gas.

2.our nearest star(except for the sun)

our nearest star(except for the sun) is proxima(alpha centauri carpenter, the south gate 2 stars), 4.22 light years away from us.light travels at 300000 kilometers per second(artificial fastest less than 100 kilometers per second), even to run 4.22 years to reach the light.can imagine distance away.

the universe is too empty. of the biggest stars

the largest stars are found scutum uy, it is a red supergiant, radius of about 1800 times the sun's about(the sun is 109 times earth's radius), its quality is about 32 times the mass of the sun, only the brightness of the sun 340000 times, is one of the highest luminosity stars. of the largest galaxies

the milky way is a diameter of 100000 light years away, also is the speed of light must be run in one hundred thousand.but by contrast ic 1101 is more big, the size of its 50 times that of the milky way, is one of the largest galaxies, discovered so far is william herschel discovered for the first time in 1790, is currently the galaxy 10 light years away from earth. of the oldest objects

labeled:he stars, 1523-0901, was the oldest object, it is a star in the milky way, scientists in the uranium decay measurements, it s found its history can be traced back to 13.2 billion years ago, and the universe's age of 13.7 billion years, the earth history for 5 billion years, human history for 100000 of the biggest black hole

the largest black hole mass of the observed 18 billion times that of the sun(330000 times the mass of the sun around the earth), and i don't know how many stars.fortunately it 35 light-years from earth

7.the black hole's nearest

we all know that black holes devour all, destroy all, do you know how far is the nearest black hole from the earth?

24000 light-years away, is also good, from very far(distance from the sun to the earth for 8 minutes of light)

8.the solar system's largest planet

in the solar system, the mass of the sun, occupied more than 99%, and the remaining 1%, jupiter's quality more than the sum of seven other you know how small the earth now.

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