this artifact after china can launch satellites: every day and launch anytime and anywhere

according to press reports, china is developing a new solid rocket, and the will to carry on the first flight in 2018, compared with the previous solid rocket, the rocket's biggest advantage is relatively larger diameter and thrust, before the world's largest solid rocket is only 3.7 meters in diameter, but the test of the solid rocket reached 4.5 meters in diameter, diameter of close to 1 m, thrust nature to many, this is a good news for china's space nature, large diameter of the solid rocket not only can use on the satellite and the launch of the spacecraft, and even can be used as a space shuttle booster rockets, relative to the liquid rocket, solid rocket although costs are relatively high, but tend to have certain advantages in the thrust, the large diameter of the rockets and china's first flight in 2017, the long march 5 rocket basically is, after the first flight can improve the efficiency of space in our country.

solid rocket relative to the liquid rocket, the advantage is easy to store, launch preparation is relatively convenient, especially on the quick launch mission, liquid rocket usually want to ensure the mission must be loaded with fuel and other tasks in advance a period of time, after all the liquid rocket fuel not only difficult to store, also is not stable, once appear problem, it is easy to cause explosion accident, both china and the united states and russia in space history have repeatedly been space accident, the soviet space even seen an explosion killed hundreds of people the ground of the accident.

so solid rocket advantage in this respect is very big, especially the ballistic missile and rocket technology almost equal, advanced missile in most countries around the world are now change to solid missile, rocket chinese army, in particular, in addition to the part of the stored in the silo type dongfeng 5 missiles, other already all change to solid missiles.on the space launch, the advantage of solid rocket is not small, our country has developed many advanced solid rocket, the rocket is first to launch mission in the first paragraph of the long march 6, the small rocket can through the mobile launch, while the load is less than 1 ton, but also can ensure the normal order of the most of the satellite launch.

in addition to the long march 6, our country has developed long march 11, fast boat no.1 and a series of solid rocket, the rocket though relatively convenient, but in fact there is no enough thrust or, even the largest rocket load and no more than 1 ton, only carrying small satellites.and large diameter of 4.5 meters in the rockets after service, our country can launch a larger, more advanced satellite, besides can be used to launch satellites, the rocket's greatest advantage is the combination of the advantage of spacecraft, our country is developing an advanced space plane space mission, the mission of nature requires advanced large rocket, the rocket research and development success, 4.5 meters for the guarantee the advantage in space and chase for the united states and russia, is actually very important, especially in our country the lunar explorations on even in the future.

in space for the united states and russia are disadvantage in our country is, in fact is very big, but with the further development of technology in our country, our country has begun to gradually catch up with the level of the united states and russia, with the next step on the space technology in our country, our country's space technology will have nothing less than the united states and russia.

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