human extinction not aliens act but from fairy tales so scientific and how to parse

"huai south son"in the famous ancient chinese literature, ancient written about an important astronomical phenomenon:"day northwest tilt, the moon and stars move how","southeast of discontent, so the water flow rate of dust to how".it tells us that our own earth once in history has experienced a great surviving of the people at that time, found that many stars at night compared with normal at ordinary times, northwest shift happens, it's like the sky fell down in northwest direction;in opposite to the southeast horizon also appeared a lot of common to see stars, is like my world dropped out from southeast.

through the diaphragm of history, we can feel this is a typical phenomenon of the earth's axis offset in the direction from northwest to's magnetic field is not eternal, the earth's magnetic field has been reversed, the south pole and the north pole ever switch position.this phenomenon is known to scientists as"pole the life cycle of the earth, magnetic pole reversal phenomenon have occurred many times, and only in recent 4.5 million years, four different polarity can be separated.even in the same period, the magnetic field direction and some lasted shorter polarity changes happened.

the polarity of the earth's magnetic field changes, also found in more ancient times.from the late cambrian, about 600 million years ago to the middle cambrian before about 540 million, is mainly reverse magnetic period;from the middle cambrian in devonian, to about 380 million years ago, is mainly positive magnetic period;in the devonian by the end of the cretaceous period, about 070 million years ago, is given priority to with positive polarity;at the end of the cretaceous up to now, in a reverse polarity.

the change of the earth's magnetic poles will inevitably lead to the volatility of the oceans and continents of the earth's surface, the phenomenon about the story of"huai south son"is the situation.some experts think that passed by the earth is a planet in the process of capturing the moon or the earth generated huge force, make the earth's water rushed to the turbulence caused by land.because even if is a diameter of one 5 moon asteroids, 37 kilometers from earth, the earth also occurs 10 times greater than normal tide surging waves, the sea will avalanche amok in the mainland, engulfed the vast plains and low-lying areas, so there are all kinds of animals once verdant, large areas, into the world of ice and water.shift in the earth's axis of rotation, the force of the earth movement, also led to some of the earth's crust, causing frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity.many legends of the primitive people all over the world are on the other hand, confirmed that, as legend has medieval time supporting the sky column of heaven and earth suddenly collapsed, the earth on the basis of fibrillation, it began to northwest, the stars all changed their own orbit, and the west about the state of sink, onishi chinese legend of the east china sea sank two five fairmount, etc.

account is similar to that of the old testament& middot; genesis in chapter the old testament have so a familiar words:"one day big deep source are cracked, also opened the windows of heaven, for the heavy rain fall on the ground...and the waters prevailed, and mountains under heaven were covered in the sky, and creatures of the earth are dead."only noah, because prior to get the guidance of the lord, built the ark, survive.and noah ark contained brutish, flying pigeon became a re-engineering of the earth's parents.

similar flood story also appears in the ancient assyrians written on clay tablets.the mud version saved in the assyrian king ashurbanipal i within the library.his rule from 669 bc to 669 bc assyrian 1872, a british archaeologist found already into pieces of clay tablets.he split the mud, and had with mud on the bible, noah story very similar the 5000-year-old"gul what gilgamesh epic, as well as the hawaiian and chinese traditional story, the story content is very similar, so experts think, they describe the same time the flood, and the floods in some time before 500 bc has covered the whole world.some legends relate to the violent storm, trapped in the mountain on the ship, swept the city of the sea and fled to the mountain cave people to survive.we will never know any details about the flood, but it seems as if a huge natural disaster happened, perhaps several times.ancient memories stored in their legends to the disaster, has spread so far, to become part of our culture and the literature today.

however, the scientists found after textual research, in the earth's history, the history of mankind, indeed there was a global flood disaster.the surge of the flooding at once rampant to mainland china, which changes into the the time goes, the water of the sea gradually subsided, the sea and after become kuwata.imagine the sort of upside down of the vicissitudes of life change, people can not help but some, people can not help but ask:the devastating floods, ingression will attack humans?

according to the latest satellite images show that, in the indian ocean north of the republic of maldives, there are a number of square kilometers of islands disappear quietly.for average is made up of 1196 islands, island is only 1.2 meters above sea level, the disappearance of the island may be a sense of foreboding.scientists think of immediately, it may be associated with rising sea levels, while the rise in sea level means that will be a serious threat to the the same time, scientists have also surprised to find that the fertile nile delta continues to the land of egypt the essence of it down immediately alerted the egyptian government.through on-the-spot investigation, experts agree that the nile delta subsidence is caused by many factors.but there is a important reason is related to the world's oceans rise.

another message seems to be more worries us:according to textual research, chinese academy of sciences, china on the yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta is also sinking.and is expected in the next 50 years, the ball river delta near the south china sea the sea level will rise 50-70 cm, the yangtze river delta to the brink of the east china sea sea level will rise, 50-70 cm.that is to say, the threat of rising sea levels have quietly into to people.

scientists point out:"according to the 170 weather stations all over the world about the earth's atmosphere pollution report

at present large carbon dioxide content in the meteorological was 50% higher than that of 1880."scientists estimate that by 2020, the earth's temperature will be higher than it is now 4 ℃, if this estimate is correct, then, in 2050, the world's oceans would rise by between 40 and 60 cm.if the world's oceans rise 1 m, there will be what scene?scientists tell us that by that time, not only some coral island imperiled by congress, flat delta and river delta coastal area will be swallowed by the sea.such as the republic of the marshall islands, tuvalu, the republic of nauru island's citizens will be no place, had to flee their homes.egypt% to 12% of the arable land 17% of arable land will become a beach, bangladesh.indonesia, vietnam, to complete the residents of the mass migration and resettlement work.the land area of the united states to reduce 2 square kilometers.these sounds some shocking news, if the flood flooded again on earth, then, what shall we do?now humans can't move to other planet, can't we hand to shoot in cambodia?

in fact, we may need not too the dutch sea struggling to contend with, and their homeland is two-thirds of the land from the sea by compound in battle.the dutchman was a friend of the sea, is the bane of the time of peace prepare for war, man is the soul of the universe.a man's wisdom has been through all kinds of changes in nature, will hold a powerful weapon, to defend their power of survival.

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