see stay: iron man picture tu tan global netizen fryer

with iron man of musk on them to share the photo today, again, it cause the extensive concern of the netizens, they look really unusual.

originally, musk bask in the diagram is to put a red the tesla roadster into a falcon rocket, but he also stressed that the plan for the first time the tesla roadster into space.

actually musk had expressed their ideas, before a car floating in the vast space, or millions of years by aliens found that whether the"space car"is the earth human civilization on the aliens leave the best legacy?

so crazy attracted many questions, which you most concerned about, or do it safe?whether there will be potential formation of space debris?want to launch before, of course, it also have to pass the examination and approval of relevant departments.

there are experts said the aliens made in understanding human sports car?or angered by this signal, for the earth humanity's antipathy, alien sent space weapons attacked to the earth?

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