hawking recurrence warning: if the climate continues to worsen the earth become like venus planet hell

professor stephen hawking has warned that if global warming continues, the earth will become unbearably hot, like hell in the world.

the physicist has previously said that donald trump(donald trump) president quit paris climate agreement's decision to the future of our planet is going to be tough.

now hawking has reiterated he predicts, the earth will one day be like 460 ° c(860 ° f), venus is so hot, if we don't reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

in the emmy award-winning series""one of the most popular place in the second episode, hawking through a series of cgi background to visit venus.

according to the national aeronautics and space administration(nasa), venus is the planet, the second close to the sun and the earth 4 billion years ago are very similar.

this planet is habitable before about 2 billion every year, there is water on the surface, like the earth's temperature is mild.

in the formation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to burn away the venus it ocean, turn it into a hot planet saw today, winds over 180 miles per hour(300 km/h).

says hawking, venus is an example of a runaway greenhouse effect, if reached extreme greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the earth will happen.

the next time you meet a person who deny climate change, told them to travel to venus."i'll pay the fare,"hawking said.

he attacked us president donald trump(donald trump) decision to quit paris climate agreement last year.

in 2015, some 195 countries signed the agreement, formulate the measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in order to prevent the temperature increase of more than 2 degrees celsius over the next 50 years.

but trump announced in june 2017, will launch a three-year exit the program of the agreement, saying it would make a economic disadvantage in the united states.

in response, hawking said:"i don't deny the importance of response to climate change and global warming, not like donald trump(donald trump), he may have just made the world's most serious and most wrong decision of climate change."

in june, held in trondheim, norway's celebration of science and art made these comments on the section"here".

hawking said, adding that if we are to survive, the human must be in the coming 200 to 500 years in space to find a new home.

he called on countries to astronauts to the moon by 2020, to rekindle the fire of space exploration.

, he says, they should also plans to build a moon base in 30 years, and humans to mars in about 2025 years ago.

he said, spreading space will completely change the future of humanity.

i hope it can bring a competitive national unity on a target, the face of our common challenges together.

"a new ambitious space program will inspire(young people) of interest, and stimulate interest in other areas, such as astrophysics and cosmology."

he showed he wants driven by light or other forms of energy, nuclear power spacecraft will lead us into our new home.

he admitted:"the earth is threatened by so many, i find it hard to be optimistic."

"the threat is too big, too much."

we are material resources at an alarming rate.we brought the disastrous consequences of climate change to the earth.

the temperature rise, the polar ice caps to reduce deforestation and animal species.we are an ignorant, bad race.

professor hawking is working with russian billionaire yuri miller(yuri milner) of the"spark plan"(starshot project) cooperation, to alpha centauri(alpha centauri) to launch a small"nano"(nanocraft).the ship will be in the alpha centauri star system closest to the earth(alpha centauri) flight 4 light-years away.

he said:"if we are successful, we will be in today's some life fire detector to alpha centauri."

"it is clear that we are entering a new era of space."we are standing at the beginning of a new era.the colonization of human and other planets are no longer science fiction, it can be a scientific fact.

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