for the first time in china!scientists found the human in the antarctic sea will take the consequences?

recently, is the south pole for 34 times antarctic research scientists in our country, for the first time in the antarctic waters found the trail of the micro plastic.these size less than 5 mm plastic pieces of the culprit is undoubtedly the human, but can be found in this lonely micro plastic, triggered the scientists' concerns.

micro plastic is not a problem now, but this is our country for the first time, scientists in the antarctic the discovery of traces of micro plastic, previously, in europe and the united nations scientists have launched a series of investigations on plastic.according to england"daily mail"reported that in the raw oysters, scallops and mussels in the intestines of marine life, have found the trail of the micro plastic, in good part, might have been in the human stomach.

as marine environment, a new type of pollutant, the severity and harmfulness of micro plastic is not known by many people, they tend to be less than 5 mm size pieces of plastic, grind arenaceous grain toothpaste is commonly used in life, cleansing milk, washing powder and so on, is the direct source of the micro plastic in sea water.

in addition, abandoned plastic garbage will be a large number of human life into the sea, the annual production of more than 300 million tons of plastic, among them, about 10% of the plastic into the sea.under the action of wind, sun and water are broken down into tiny particles.these plastic chemical stability, difficult to degradation, there are hundreds of years in the is estimated that now in the ocean, there are billions of plastic particles ups and downs in the sea, ocean has become a veritable"plastic soup".

in fact, in addition to the seafood is suffering from a plastic pollution, sea salt and other seafood are also affected by the micro plastic.surface, according to a study by the malaysian scientists from around the world to take dozens of sea salt sample, do not contain plastic particles only alone.they will be on table, enter the body of human body.

in addition to the harm to human beings, will also affect marine life, destruction of marine ecology.for now, only hope you improve the environmental protection consciousness, reduce the number of plastic into the sea, otherwise, the future of the ocean can be more dark.

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