after u.s. spy satellite failure decided: today to shoot a new spy satellite

the national reconnaissance office nrol-47 satellite

in the mystery of the satellite with the"mr zuma,"the u.s.government announced again, plan today(us time on january 10th, on january 11, china time) to launch a reconnaissance satellite, and will be shown live on video.

the national reconnaissance office nrol-47 satellite encapsulated within a 5 meters of the fairing, it will use vandenberg air force base alliance 4 rocket(pictured above).

nrol-47 satellite program in the united states at 4 p.m.eastern time on california's vandenberg air force medium rocket launch alliance 4.

air force space united 30 deputy commander says colonel wood"we already prepared, and willing to accept this mission.will spare no effort to ensure that each member of the involved in the launch of launch safety and success."

as the name implies, nrol-47 will be in charge of spy satellites of the united states national reconnaissance office operations.nro task is usually have the classification, it is unclear what nrol-47 the real intention of spy satellites.

today's launch will be ula's first space mission in 2018, and is the 27th nro space mission.the company has fired three nro satellite in 2017, all of these satellites carry on atlas 5 rocket.

ula representative said that today's launch will be launched in 2002, two stage rocket launch"delta"4 36 times.

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