one tuo million years ago excrement accidentally exposed the secrets of the version

in our impression, fossil is on display at the museum of ancient bones, actually fossils also includes the ancient ruins and relics, including the feces.dung fossils is not just into stone droppings, which contains a lot of useful not long ago, paleontologists in russia from several tuo fossil faeces got the startling discovery!

figure note:today the olivia's nicky

dung fossils found in eastern russia, nicky, the formation of animal fossils found a large number of the permian period, of course, dung the local bekoff river quarry(bykovka quarry), paleontologists found fossils of 25 pieces fragments, these fragments are rich in phosphates.

figure note:fossilized dung, images from the paper

figure note:dung fossils in the horizon of

in the dung fossils have?can only be cut for special handling in order to know.paleontologists really will cut dung fossils, then use acid washing, then get the subtle pieces with electron microscope scanning, ct scan and synchrotron radiation imaging technology is analyzed.finally the result is the waste of fossil contains fish and other animal bone fragments, maker of feces is a large and ferocious predators.

figure note:dung fossils

figure note:electronic imaging under dung fossils

let's take a look at what dung has:some belong to the certain radiation of the fish scales and the fish bone;a few belong to the lungfish tooth, but were corroded by hydrochloric acid in gastric juice;bone fragments from quadrupeds, probably belongs to a certain synapsid plant predatory animals;some tiny mineral particles, the particles may be stuck on food consumed, also may be in order to replenish trace elements and swallow on addition to the above these inclusions, paleontologists also found a with densely serrate edge sharp tooth, the gold teeth should belong to predators itself.this animal so hungry, it will swallow your teeth?of course not like that, it is likely to be in the hunt and eat break their teeth, and then swallowed the swallow down with food, it is not uncommon in today's lizard body.

figure note:inclusion of dung fossils

figure note:the researchers speculate that feces makers of food source

from the perspective of the inclusion of dung fossils, this only from permian russia predators is really a good appetite, among its diet includes a variety of fish, terrestrial vertebrates, 250 million years ago it was a wonderful dinner.who is the predator?paleontologists, judged in terms of faeces strong acid corrosion effect class, it could belong to the lord the dragon today in feces of crocodiles have a similar phenomenon.

figure note:ecological restoration of the late permian, the author:julian, tony

a few tuo excrement fossils can restore a prehistoric predators recipes, and draws the outline of the food chain and ecosystem, this really is a very wonderful things.paleontology is such an interesting and constantly surprise discipline, a little bit of fossil material will be able to restore 250 million version meal in the belly!

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