revealed the first leader for the first time this year?uk media: the only chinese american to go elsewhere


the heart is always with a known or want to know the exploration of psychological, to humans to the moon for the first time in 1969, the people on the moon has a heart of the quest.there are the british media reported that in 2018, the world was found in the new one on the moon for the first time to observe the leader of the moon.because the revolution and rotation time, the earth and the moon has a rival, on the other side is also called the"dark side"to the moon.

because of problems in the communication signals, the present is not the country can put the detector to the dark side of a successful landing on the moon, even very rich american didn't do it.this year, china's chang 'e no.4, will implement the world or in the history of mankind is the first landing on the moon dark side.

it is understood that this year, our country must carry on the fire work twice.will begin in june this year's launch, for the first time for the first time launch main job is to put a relay satellite to the dark side, sixty thousand km from the moon, you will in order to supply guide communication between earth and the moon dark side.once build communication successful, two further work will be reflected to the moon for the first time work, patrol and lander,

china before landing on the moon figure

one thousand, the dark side of the moon to perform well in our country, the relay satellite will be china's global human pay a lot of dedication.which country whether want to go to the moon dark side, and are able to pass through it to get assistance.on a visit to the dark side, there will be what kind of useless and benefits?

at first, on the back and both sides are electromagnetic circumstance, respectively is the dark side of electromagnetic environment is clean, it is also a research to explore an ideal place for low-frequency radio astronomers.on the moon's dark side has a very old rock crust appearance, use this strict conditions to display geological characteristics of the investigation, so that it can be set for the first time in international collection of landform, material composition and the comprehensive geological section and evolution of the shallow structure integration model, also how evolution history of the moon, so also add new cognition and understanding.

the chinese use the lunar rover figure

now, our country's lunar work was divided into three steps, in turn, is divided into the moon and the moon, and in the month.our country is paying a lot of dedication in the field of the moon, but still stop in the unmanned lunar, manned moon landing in china still have a few technical challenges to breakthrough, first to solve is to be able to carry and module of heavy-duty rocket to the moon, the second, do good for astronaut life safety guarantee, and job, etc.heavy vehicle is difficult to is also very urgent, in china and the world advanced technology level or below.

in this difficult lunar exploration commander ye peijian emphatically said:global human have to go out from earth, the closest planet to human only the moon, i think china aerospace people never easily to give up to the moon.

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