ten thousand people will leave earth two years later can forever left a game of luck

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capsules first launch in 2018 has ended, and launched a military load, called zuma said the load did not enter orbit.but on the load, at present know very little about the outside world, is likely to be a spy satellite, may also be other types of space.inspections of commercial launching currently uses falcon 9 ft carrier rocket, the first level 9 merlin 1 d modified engine, low-earth orbit capacity of 22 tons, synchronous orbit is 8.3 tons.and used before the falcon 9 v1.0 and falcon 9 compared v1.1, capacity to achieve the double promotion.

in the past 2017 years, to ferry company launch 18 times throughout the year, and the number in the united states to launch to 29 times, can say it is to raise the rise of the united states launches, just had such a great leap.

to raise with the falcon rocket opened a private space launch time

the second russia for 20 times, 18 times of china, europe nine times.capsules had a brilliant achievement in 2017, of course, is not achieved overnight, as the words, happiness of life is created by manual, inspections as aerospace hi-tech manufacturing, seasoning for 15 years or so, in the engine is the first step on the recovery of falcon 9 try 4 rockets fell off, fifth finally succeeded.previous four fried rocket failure, quite a few jokes at the ferry, now technology is mature, is the first step on the recycle basic every time launch will return to the first level for the next use.

in the engine is the first step on the recovery of falcon 9 try to break the four rockets

falcon 9 back to the first grade, and three landing stents to open the

successful landing offshore mobile platform

capsules impetus to the development of the whole of the american private aerospace companies, private rocket in many influence seems to be impossible, but the fact is real.this is space productivity liberated from national curing system of classic case.

previous space launch was done by the national level, for example, the european space agency, nasa, the american alliance, the russian federal space agency, etc.now even the private company in the rocket, the technology has become a folk"goods"by the road, not to mention that the civil aviation, such as selling more fire cessna 172 propeller aircraft, priced at$20 to the$300000, had a total of 20 to 300000, a private jet private airport.nearly 20000, about 600000 more than the number of people owning the pilot's license.have such a basis, it is easy to understand why some people will fly to breakfast and private companies can rocket such rumors.

to ferry company is stem what of?

to raise the presence of the company is in this context, highly developed civil navigation, a hybrid, musk founded the ferry company, main business is manufacturing space and space transportation service.

by the way, here in china for more than 100 yuan of the tesla electric cars and musk industry, but not musk, founder in 2004, musk in tesla motors become the largest shareholder in a round of funding, in other words, is to eat the tesla, tesla motors at distances less than two years.

from the tesla electric vehicle development train of thought, musk is a high and new technology industry pioneer, the electric car is tesla high-end brand, overturns the traditional auto industry, now he is prepared to put the storm swept in the field of aerospace, turns the space launch of high above the civilians can also experience the service.

2000 years later, who can go into space in the world is really only a handful, and are rich that is expensive, heaven a minor at least$20 million.capsules decided to let the price down to$200000, but not to the station is 300 km altitude, but travel to mars.

rented 39 a ferry station

a lot of people believe that inspections are painted flowers to the world, falcon 1, 2008 research and development success, falcon 9 version 1.0 first launch in 2010, low-earth orbit capacity 9 tons, basically meet the needs of the conventional launch.falcon 9 ft appear after 22 tons capacity has reached ariane es, cosmic god 5, delta-this level of level 4, can say as long as the u.s.military are willing, you can transfer orders from the united launch alliance to ferry is carried out.

falcon heavy adopted three falcon 9 1

in fact also is such, capsules after obtain billions of dollars nasa freight contract, also won the u.s.military satellite launch contracts.as the falcon 9 first successfully implemented land recovery in 2015, in 2016 the first offshore platform recycling, and recycling the execution of the second launch rocket.

according to ferry estimates, falcon 9 launch the unit price is expected to be between$5000 and$60 million from time, reduced to more than$3000 a, if the second level to realize a reusable, then launch the unit price can be controlled in millions of dollars.was supposed to launch a fee, now enough to launch nearly 7 to 10 times, apparently to low-earth orbit can significantly improve the ability to transport goods.after the falcon 9 capsules also designed and developed the falcon heavy rockets, low-earth orbit capacity of 63 tons, to mars carrying capacity is 16.8 tons.

into mars

falcon heavy rockets after new year's day is ready to launch in 2018, to raise the real ambition that exposure.spent more than a decade before investment the tesla electric cars, develop the grasshopper rocket, falcon 9 rocket, etc., are preparing to launch of falcon heavy.because the establishment of the ferry company goal is to space transportation services, rather than go to preempt the launch market order, establish a space station and landing on the moon.

here by the way, now the meaning of the moon is not big, the first name has emerged, then what is the purpose of landing on the moon?apollo 11 after a successful landing on the moon, the soviet union were basically cutting direction of the moon exploration spending, because no significance.now the moon is not for mining mineral, because of this technology is not mature, also cannot form industrialization.from this a few point of view, the moon is for the sake of what?so after the apollo program success, no moon, human only the moon still in progress.

star transport system

the next milestone is to land on mars, mars is not easy to the moon, the biggest problem is too far away.moon mission but two or three days time, and to travel to mars is rectified.ferry companies for the falcon heavy rockets and dragon spacecraft, the international aerospace conference in 2016, to raise announced mars colonial project, in june 2017, musk mars how to refine the colonies again.

the key to the colonial mars must have a reliable interstellar transport system, to raise will continue to develop in falcon rocket mature technology raptor, engine thrust is three times the falcon rocket merlin engine, a space transportation system will pick up 42 raptor engine.more engines in parallel mode at present few successful cases, if the falcon heavy will be successful, then the technology will be used for interstellar transport system, to 300 tons of cargo transportation to low-earth orbit.

it is important to note that the space transportation system is not assembled in orbit, but is launched from the ground, on the orbit refuel after travel to mars.at the same time set up depots in mars orbit, loaded with fuel after returning to earth again.capsules estimate deployment of 1000 sets of interstellar transport system, each ship run 10 to 15 times flying fire, transportation, 100 people at a time, can transfer at least 1 million people.

star transport system power system part of the diagram

look from the definition of colonial, this 1 million people will leave the earth forever, become the first generation of mars human settlers.preparation of this plan has already begun to implement, 2020 will launch an unmanned mars probe technical validation, that is to say, the interstellar migration plan formally entered the stage of engineering verification, after two years in about 2028 to 2030, began to enter the project implementation stage, such as building interstellar transportation system of the raptor engine subsystem, etc.if so, the first martian colonists would on mars, at present did not even give positive answers, musk musk also think mars settlement risk is very big, and very big probability will fail.

musk described plans to land on mars

in addition to the inspections, we can also see more and more powerful new glen rocket, the century's private space is not generally

this talk is more conform to the objective facts, consider the worst outcome, although it is not resistant to listen to, also did not start talking began to fail, but it is the most favorable to dodge to murphy's law.colonial mars besides interstellar transport system, also need to consider habitat construction, supplies and other physical problems, and problems of the human spirit, the psychological level also need early intervention.psychological change in enclosed space is tend to be negative, no one would like to be shut up in a little room for a few months, if mars colony has 1 million people, maintenance and operation of this society is a big problem, as to how many people can rest, it is a game of luck.i have some things to solve science and technology, but some need to probability.

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