scientist: you are my eyes blinded by the sun actually not to burn

in many people's eyes, the sun is a big fire, burning all day.

however, the scientists said:this statement is wrong.

although the sun is very hot, but its surface is not fire.

inside the sun, there is a reaction in the very terror, that is nuclear fusion.

learned people know that the physical and chemical, nuclear fusion, burning is a chemical change is a physical change.not so, the sun is burning, the fire is impossible.

vividly described, that is the sun is a huge nuclear reactor.

about nuclear fusion, we heard the most, is the legendary weapons of terror, the hydrogen bomb.that is to say, the sun is in the hydrogen bomb explosion in anytime and anywhere.

as a result, it is far more than the so-called flame temperature can reach.

in the surface of the sun, the temperature can reach 6000 ℃.and if the inside the sun, its temperature can reach 15000000 ℃ even!

so, how much farther from the sun is important.150 million kilometers distance from the sun, the earth, which avoid the high temperature too low lead to bad environment, also can avoid terrorist radiation produced by nuclear reactions harm us.

so, we can in this place, what is your fate of the nebula, or a specially arranged with advanced civilization?

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