china has just announced plans to important to india and china will eventually lost badly


data figure:china's long march rocket

china aerospace science and technology group co., ltd.on january 3, said in a news release, in 2018 the chinese space launch may be broken 40 times mark.experts say, if the goal smooth realization, china is likely to become a space launch in 2018 the most times.

to implement pressure is very big also, of course, far, strong in our neighbor india alone.recently, the indian space research organization, announced that india open years starting 31 star will be a 1 arrow, scheduled for launch on january 10.

in recent years, more than one arrow star become india's strength, on february 15, 2017, india has successfully used polar orbit satellite launch vehicle pslv-xl will be 104 satellite into orbit the sun, break the world record for the largest number of a rocket carrying the star.

data figure:rocket

at present, the world is only the united states, russia, china, india, japan and other countries and the european space agency to possess more than one arrow star technology, visual threshold is very high.our country in 2015 with"6"long march rockets a 20 satellites into orbit, but whether an arrow and soon to be launched 31 star or previous 1 arrow 104 astrology than, india has far ahead of china?

in fact, india can launch an arrow 104 star does not mean that has become a world leader in space.first 104 star looks scary, but so many satellite added up to no more than 1.38 tons, the largest of which is only 714 kg, a satellite can be for satellite, the heavier weight, carrying the load performance of the higher, the stronger the said india satellite rocket looks a lot, but the performance is not good.

second, india more than one arrow on the adopted technology of the star is simpler, when the rockets reached orbit, after all the satellite like"split"in a lump sum or by several times to release out, because these satellite precise orbit, it is easy to appear unable to normal working condition, finally become space junk.

data figure:india rocket

so, don't see the two countries announced a new year's space program, especially the so-called india after another arrow dozens of stars very cow.our country learned a technique called"an arrow samsung", it can be three massive satellite precise orbit of different, the measurement and control requirements for satellite and the rocket is extremely high, the difficulty of cans be imagined.that is technically than getting released a few stars, or even hundreds of stars are much more difficult.

so, india will lose ugly, india more than one arrow star is not so strangely, those microsatellites are likely will become useless junk, in a short time wasting money.

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