what is the sunset on mars?it might not be the same as you think

is always glamorous on earth, but what about mars?

mars is not such a sunset

are you think of this?however, it is not.

> the american curiosity mars rover has taken a high-resolution camera with its own high resolution camera on the 956th day of landing on mars, taking photos of four real martian days.



in general, on the earth, atmospheric dust and other particles scattering the turquoise sky background and the yellow orange red sun.

the planet mars sunset contrast

but, on the lux planet forever is warm color is the sky, completely different from earth when sunset.dust from mars absorbs the blue light and scatters the warm sky background.at the same time, the sun and its scattering of blue light present a very cool blue sunset scene.

:when standing on mars, only the sun can see the blue halo when the sun is close to the horizon, because the sun's rays can pass through the atmosphere and dust of mars to the maximum extent.

actually to see more of the sun color on mars, but light intensity weaker than the earth, because of distance from the sun is about twice the distance to the day, much like earth cloudy morning or afternoon.if you look at the sun on mars with a safe solar filter, you will see something different than the earth:the sun will be smaller than what you see on earth, and only about a third of it.

, the atmospheric thickness of mars is only 1% of the earth, very thin.if we were on mars, we would see another phenomenon of the sun:when the sun is near the horizon, they are still round, not the grapes of the earth.

is rising and sundown on earth, especially when the sun is close to the flat line, because the thicker atmosphere refracts or bends the light, and then flattens the bottom of the sun to form an ellipse in the middle.then, when the sun rises to the height of about one punch, the light passes through a thinner atmosphere and the refractive effect weakens, and the sun turns back into a circle.

and on mars, the atmosphere is very thin, and when the sun is close to the horizon, there is no visible light bending(that is, the sun is not visible).

the scene of a week the thickness of the atmosphere will produce different venus atmospheric density is 92 times of the earth.so, can you imagine how strong that would be?

at sunrise, the sun can venus in a flat in a straight line?

unfortunately, even if we are on venus, we will never see this kind of scene!

because the great sunlight cannot penetrate the planet's atmosphere!

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