another super earth was found to be earth plus!scientists are paying close attention

according to the british"daily mail"reported that recently, astronomers claim that outside our solar system has once again found a little-known extraterrestrial planet, the extraterrestrial planets excites scientists is that it is a larger version of earth!

the distant exoplanets called k2-18 b, scientists think that it is a super earth, it is like the earth is composed of rock surface, just like our own the same time, k2-18 b and just fell on its surrounding the star's habitable zone, the surface temperature is appropriate, at the same time make it become the ideal choice of the surface containing liquid water, which is the key factor that extraterrestrial life exists.

at the university of texas, scarborough campus and the university of montreal, canada, the researchers also found that k2-18 b is also a neighbor, called k2-18 c, may also have a second, these two planets are around in the constellation leo 111 light years from earth red dwarfs k2-18 is exciting to find two superearths at the same time, but k2-18c and k2-18b may overheat, which means that although they are similar to earth, they may not exist.

, by contrast, k2-18 b has a lot of good a follow-up study of the k2-18b, the researchers found that k2-18b was very special, or a planet mainly composed of rocks, with gases similar to earth's atmosphere.or a planet mostly water, with a thick layer of ice on it.

, therefore, the researchers point out that the k2-18b will be one of nasa's key observation objects, since it is only 111 light years from earth and is relatively easy to 2019, the world's most advanced the james webb space telescope happened after liftoff, the planet will become one of the main goals of webb space telescope, the telescope will be to look when using the most advanced equipment, looking for available for the human according to the atmosphere.

however, there are also the researchers believe that about k2-18 b, there are still some strange characteristics, and as a result, it is still there could become a smaller version of neptune.

no matter k2-18 b is the earth plus mini or neptune, from the university of montreal this study lead author ryan cloutier said that k2-18 b now is one of the best goals of exoplanets atmospheric research, and it is the highest priority.

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