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space station allows scientists to live in space and explore the mysteries of the universe.could it be possible to build a deep-sea space station for scientists to live in the ocean and experiment on the ocean floor?deputy director of the national people's congress, deputy director of china shipbuilding heavy industries group 7th ii, and the director of the national key laboratory of deep-sea manned equipment, yan kai said that when!however!can be!in order to!

in january, the ministry of science and technology minister wan gang at the national conference on science and technology is introduced, the deep space station plan has already been included in the"2030-major science and technology innovation project"in china, the project implementation plan compiling comprehensive start.

:"humans don't have the same understanding of the deep sea as the moon.carrying out scientific research in the deep sea will greatly deepen our understanding of the sea and even the earth.yan said, open the jiaolong manned vehicle can stay underwater for 12 hours, but can only accommodate a few people, the future of deep space station can be thousand tons, can stay underwater for half a month or even a few months, and can accommodate dozens of people working together life, the equivalent of a submarine laboratory is established.

what is the deep space station

the space station is called"tiangong", we can call deep space station"dragon temple".

:what exactly is the deepwater space station?so to speak, is to carry the"room"on the ground to km deep underwater,"room"habitation, instrument capsule, capsule, including personnel power capsule, docking compartment, and so on, and life support systems.because of deep space station is equipped with special power system and human habitation module, its docking with the aid of system implementation and the deep sea vehicle docking, can provide the energy for the space station, food supplies, and life support system for raw materials such as oxygen, at the same time, the staff can also through the vehicle from the space station.

deep-sea stations using load(physical, chemical, biological detection system and optical, acoustics) observation system, direct manipulation carried by uncabled autonomous underwater vehicle and underwater crane, cable remote control operation dives, and form a complete set of tools, to adapt to different objects of specific requirements, be engaged in scientific research, exploration, underwater maintenance repair operations such as mobile work can be said that the deep-sea space station is a new generation of deep-sea operating platform developed on the basis of manned submersibles.

the deep space station is the forefront of international deep-sea equipment technology development, is also a measure of a country one of the important symbol of the levels of science and technology of the ship.compared with manned submersible, deep-sea station operating system will be more complex, operation function is also more abundant, executable underwater observation and detection, deep sea search and salvage charges, underwater and power, the seabed sampling and research, and maintenance of underwater construction, surveillance and reconnaissance and other underwater tasks, has a long time, all-weather, wide range, high power, more people aboard, not influenced by ocean waves conditions and other advantages.

"jiaolong family"is expanding in the mariana trench, which is about 11,000 meters deep and is the deepest in the world, and is"higher"than mount qomolangma.

yan said, open the jiaolong determined independently conduct the confidence of the deep-sea exploration in our country.more importantly, through the development of jiaolong, a team with practical experience has been trained to lay a good foundation for the development of high-end deep-sea equipment in the future.

"jiaolong"is expanding.yan opens the introduction, the current 4500 meters manned submersible has entered the general assembly stage, the second half of the year will complete the sea test and deliver the broke through the titanium alloy manned space spherical shells develop, super high sea water pump, low noise integrated magnetic coupling electric propulsion development and oil charge lithium battery development, four key technologies such as realized the comprehensive application of localization.the manned module has five observation windows, which can stay underwater for 12 hours, which can meet more scientific observation of the angle of view.

on this basis, the research and development of 11,000 meters of manned submersibles has also been on the agenda and is expected to be tested by sea in the same time, a number of kilometer-long manned submersibles are being planned to meet the needs of different depths of ocean research.

yan kai says that the development of the 10,000 meters manned submersible still faces a series of challenges, including the material, structure, communication, energy and other technical problems of the water pressure environment.the successful development means that the deep-sea laboratory will become a the future, scientists will be able to nurture and study deep-sea creatures in the deep sea, and find deep-sea minerals and oil and gas resources to search for the genes of deep-sea creatures that can help save lives.

mature technology can be established after the deepwater hotel"

in yan open view, establishing the difficulty of deep space station as a space station.he said it was a question of what kind of energy would be used for the undersea space station because of the longer time spent at the bottom of the ocean.he envisages the use of fuel cells or nuclear power, and even the possibility of finding new sources of energy on the ocean floor in the future.

:"the pressure of the seafloor is 100 times that of the atmospheric pressure, which is equivalent to the pressure of more than 100 kilograms."yan says, this means that the future space station if you want to descend to 1000 m deep below the depth, will need to scale big, light quality, high crushing strength of special materials, processing and manufacturing technology of these materials is also very addition, the problems such as deep-sea communication navigation and station precision operation control are also solved.

yan said, deep space station should carry a variety of tools, such as small manned submersibles, arrived in deeper sea, scientists can use them to complete the task by submersible again after return.

:"human beings are still at a shallow level of exploration of the ocean, and the deep ocean space station will greatly deepen our understanding of the ocean and our understanding of the earth itself."yan said, deep space station in which allow scientists to cultivate and study of deep-sea creatures, found minerals, oil and gas resources, looking for can save people's lives or even deep-sea creatures genes used in pharmaceutical.

technology development to a certain extent, the future can also establish a"deep sea hotel", solve the problem of long-term accommodation on the seafloor, also can develop the deep sea travel, let people at the bottom of the sea and sea travel freely move back and forth between


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