voyager is about to fly out of the solar system?experts say the conservative estimate is still ten thousand years old

voyager 1 was developed by nasa's solar system outside a unmanned space probes, weighs 815 kilograms, launched on september 5, 1977, still functioning as of november 2017.

, which has visited jupiter and saturn, is the first spacecraft to provide a clear image of its was the first spacecraft to provide detailed photographs of jupiter, saturn and its moons, the farthest man-made satellite from the present it is the farthest man-made aircraft from the earth.the voyager 1 analysis is now in the outer boundary of the solar system, between the influence of the sun and the interstellar medium.

voyager 1's main goal is to detect originally jupiter and saturn and its moon and saturn's rings.later, the task became to probe the solar wind roof and to conduct particle measurements of the solar the voyager 2 probe, they are all powered by three radioactive isotope thermoelectric generators.the generators have far exceeded their original design life, and are generally thought to be able to provide enough power to keep the spacecraft in contact with earth until about 2020.

in february 2011 for a long time to keep in touch with the voyager 1 scientists have found that it has reached the edge of the solar system at some time in the previous"transition zone", the transition region is the end of the solar system and interstellar space.

there are reports that voyager 1 has completely flew out of the solar system, but experts say the voyager 1 fly out of the solar system is a misreading, translation errors reported"voyager 1"detector has left the solar system, reach the stars outside the solar system's empty interstellar space between more than one year time, became the first man-made detector to leave the solar system.

beijing planetarium director zhu jin first reaction is impossible:fly out outside the solar system must be the problem of translation, translation is not quite right, it should be from out of the solar system is still a long way off, at least 30000 years to fly out.

the voyager a speed of 17.043 kilometers per second, for some unknown reason, it is still in the sun's magnetic field, but also has been in the very edge of the position.the two nuclear batteries on voyager 1 will support its continued work until 2025, after which humans will lose contact with it.and it will, like a bottle, go down into the depths of the universe until it is picked up by another man.

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