a maddening experiment that was once thought to be subverting the world

1, cora super deep borehole

cora ultra deep drilling is the soviet union in 1970 in the kola peninsula near the norwegian border region made a scientific drilling, one of the deepest drilling up to 12262 meters.it was the world's deepest drill hole, the record was in qatar in 2008 and 2008 o xiaoxin wells(12289 meters) and russia(12345 meters) of oil wells in the sakhalin break twice, by 2016, ranked fifth in the world.

:the former soviet union excavated this well for the purpose of competing with the united states and for scientific research.it was the strangest competition during the cold war.scientists began to exploration in 1970, trying to beat the united states, the soviet people want to play in the earth's crust into the upper mantle, but no one knows what's there, they released the global earthquake, and even the devil in hell, the final project was abandoned, because the temperature has reached 177 ℃.

2, the trinity test

on july 16, 1945 as part of the u.s.the manhattan project, the trinity test, is the first time in human history the nuclear explosion experiment, at the same time also open the door to the human destroy the world!

the trinity test, is the first time in human history test code, the u.s.army in july 16, 1945 in new mexico socor luo county of libni desert, the direct result of the test is accelerated the end of the pacific war, marked the into the atomic age.the triad test was tested on an implosion explosive device, which is made of plutonium.its nickname is"gadget".the fat atom bomb dropped on nagasaki on august 9, 1945, adopted the same design structure, with the equivalent of about 20,000 tons of dynamite.

3, the large hadron collider

on september 10, 2008, when put into use in the large hadron collider, one would think that it will destroy the world.

this$6 billion worth of accelerator is used to accelerate the proton beam, before they collide with each other, heart medicine to accelerate, after 17 miles of the pipe is used to simulate the formation of micro black holes form when the big bang, some people think that a black hole would grow up and devour the earth in the end.but scientists have rejected the idea that any black hole would be wiped out by a phenomenon called"hawking radiation".

:the large hadron collider in europe is now the largest and most energetic particle accelerator in the world, a high-energy physical device that accelerates protons into collisions.the large hadron collider is located 100 meters deep in a tunnel inside a 17-mile tunnel in switzerland and france near geneva.on september 10, 2008, the collider was tested for the first time.in 2010, scientists involved in the large hadron collider said they may have been"close to"the higgs boson.the higgs boson, also known as the"god particle", is said to have played an important role in the formation of the universe after the big bang.on april 5, 2015, after about two years of maintenance and upgrading, the large hadron collider in europe was restarted, which officially opened the second phase of operation.

4, starfish 1

the earth's magnetic field is one of the important protective layer is composed of charged particles, it can protect the earth's atmosphere from the solar storm, so if a big bomb explosion there what will happen?

, 1962, the united states decided to find out the truth.in order to destroy the soviet missile system, american forces in the pacific ocean, jones's island, 150 miles above the detonated a thermonuclear warhead, 1.4 million tons of equivalent explosion, are visible in 1450 miles away in hawaii, electromagnetic pulse, destroyed the street lamps and telephone lines.

-it forms an artificial radiation field around the earth for five years and paralyzes a third of the world's satellites.

5, seti

seti is a series of the floorboard of the search for extraterrestrial civilization project.

> back in 1896, nicola tesla came up with the radio, which he thought was a theory that could be used to communicate with extraterrestrial life.in 1899, he observed signals from mars.

the united states declared august 21 and 23 as national radio days, and in 1924 the united states allowed scientists to study signals from mars.today we are mainly using telescopes, radio telescopes and high-tech computer equipment to detect extraterrestrial life.but there are concerns about human initiatives that are likely to attract hostile aliens and even threaten our survival.

, as stephen hawking, has warned:in the history of mankind, if the technological level of civilization varies widely, then the weak civilization will be treated cruelly.


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