the entire surface of this planet is an ocean with aliens?


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we continually look for all kinds of appropriate human life in the universe of the planet, but found to be not appropriate to human life, because most of these planet water shortage of this kind of the important species of life.astronomers have recently found a planet filled with water near the earth's left, speculating that there might be aliens below.

work a few months ago because invented the earth-like planets around proxima rejoiced at the interval we recently star neighbor as long as four light years, the planet called proxima b has added more clarity.

:this symposium was dominated by astronomers and astrophysicists from the french national scientific research center(cnrs) who thought that proxima b might be a land planet overflowing with water.about the same water as kevin costner's"the future water world,"whose appearance may be completely covered by liquid land.

"the planet is probably look covereth liquid water, therefore there will be some life shape,"said cnrs team."the planet is a terrestrial planet, and all of its surface is land, a bit like jupiter or saturn's moon."

/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/p>/pif that were true, proxima b would probably have degenerated into some sort of creature, with a streamlined body that could travel through the water, such as fish and whales on earth.perhaps this land will also breed gelatinous aliens like jellyfish.

in order to come to the conclusion, the research team uses the latest data, budget fragmentary and computer imitation pieces to the planet's most certainly may be the quality of the spread.they calculated that the radius of proxima b might be between 0.94 and 1.4 times the radius of the earth.within that range, the larger the radius, the more likely it would be a land.the entire surface of the planet will cover up to 124 miles of water.

the practice radius if proxima b in this range in low degree, condition is also very calm.this means that the planet has a rocky mantle, just like earth.surface water may account for 0.05% of its mass, similar to earth.

, of course, this planet may also be a mountain of red and yellow sand.according to the current data is not known, but in a doorway invented so an earth-like planet always make people inspired-unless live below has an ugly aliens greek gifts.