scientists have discovered that human branches are not the only humans.

look around you'll find some animals are very clever, but the human race stand out, but not always, such as, on the earth 50000 years ago, there are at least three kinds of races, danny francois, the actual version of the hobbit and flo floresiensis traces left by the few, we don't know much about them, is different, but a neanderthal remains a lot of, the first to come into contact with a neanderthal skull has no clue, until announced the darwinism, modern humans and all living things, are evolved from ancient, many scientists think that neanderthals fit conditions, it is our prehistoric ancestors benben.

ernst hector kerr and even want to name it fools, other scientists don't agree with, they had reshaped the bones is a bit like the cartoon version of the caveman, thought neanderthal man is a failure in the process of what are neanderthals in human stories?a group of morons?is it still more intelligent and humane than we are sure?if they are smart, why do they meet us and disappear?did the neanderthals really disappear?

, if you're on the subway, there's a group of people in the car and a neat neanderthal, you might not be able to distinguish between the two.but new york is such a thick cloud, but there are differences between their eyebrow bone and big nose, forearm and tibial surprisingly short, a muscle, it is to used to the climate cold in the north, and the skin and bones of our ancestors, physical exercise habits is the warm climate, despite our size is different, but there are similarities, enough to make the two met for the first time a sense of understanding.

neanderthals at its peak, the total number of less than 100000, with today's big stars, like stars, a small settlement in a divided the cave, which means that the mating, low genetic diversity, may occur, modern neanderthal man has been in a marginal extinction.neanderthals disappeared before gave us a gift, from the 2010 bones in the determination of the neanderthal genome sequence, are compared with those of the modern human genome, existing between 1% and 4% of human genes from neanderthals, sub-saharan africa's people in the outside, sub-saharan native americans had no such dna, suggesting that homo sapiens and neanderthals had a romantic fire of love, marriage behavior happened.may be after homo sapiens from africa, homo sapiens, reside in different parts of the world, and to convey a neanderthal dna, thanks to some genetic tests, i found my neanderthal dna is more than 70% of the people, i think it's proved that neanderthals is very cool.

human was born!there are many kinds of ancient apes.they are not, we are finally beginning to tell the story of the time of human birth, they are very different from what we are now.they were in groups, and in the forest, they were constantly subjected to various wars.what was it like when human beings were born, and what kind of risks were they facing?

human beings have been manipulating earth for thousands of years.on earth, human beings are all over the world, killing and pillaging other species, and doing nothing without them.the highest and most intelligent species at the top of the food, the other species are inferior creatures, all human fact, in this little planet earth, humans do have capital boasts high intelligence of animals, manipulate the survival of the other animals, as if they were their god in the eyes of other people from lower animals, human is the existence of god.

before in the past several thousand years of human history, in the process of civilization are slow, using human nature in the long history of former years gives wisdom created the brilliant civilization.but this so-called glory used for a long time.until the creation of the steam engine, human beings are as if they have been created, and they have been used for only a hundred years to achieve the same civilization that has been created in the past tens of thousands of years.and this symbol time is the epoch-making use of power, man has since entered the industrial age.

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