the only diamond city in the world is a town of 10,000 tons of diamonds

in austria, brooke with a golden roof, and surprising, but do you know there is a diamond in germany city, small town construction with 72000 tons of diamond, the town is germany's deling root town, this should be the only, is also the biggest city of the diamond.

mr aldrin root is in the west of the southern german state of bavaria a town, a charming town in the middle ages.the town was built in a crater that was 1.5 kilometers in diameter 15 million years ago and is a unique 898, some people began to live in the heart of the"basin".

so why will form a diamond?the survey found that the potential sources from an asteroid impact 15 million years ago, an asteroid hitting the ground at a speed of 25 km per second, not only produced a 26 kilometers wide crater, but also make the bedrock under intense heat and pressure, the carbon almost instantly turned out to be less than 0.2 mm small diamonds, almost invisible to the naked eye.

however, people use these rocks to build houses, but almost completely don't know these rocks in the tens of millions of diamonds.just find the old walls shining in the sun.the old, old stone steps that should have been dark, but can bring unexpected light.local geologists estimate that there are about 72,000 tonnes of diamonds in the city's walls and a result, the town of nordren has become the world's only diamond city.

tower of the watchman horst lenner said:"fortunately, these diamonds are very small, otherwise the tower could be broken down in a long time ago.

deling root few tourists, has maintained a genuine honest folkway, here almost intact during the middle ages around the walls, and is also the german only can complete all through walls, and red white wall, a beautiful quiet town.

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