earth emergency! second joint human warnings issued by scientists

1992 at the end of the world, 1700 scientists sent a terrible human"warning", that humans have put the ecological system on the earth to destroy the earth and in the broken edge, farther down the road.the warning list of environmental impact like the plague in the bible, such as stratospheric ozone depletion, water pollution and air pollution, fishery collapse and soil productivity loss, deforestation, the disaster caused by global climate change and extinction of fossil fuel combustion.leader

this letter, particle physicist henry kendall said, if not carefully, many practices we now will be in the future to human society and animals and plants pose a serious threat, and may therefore alter the earth, making it impossible to know the way we sustain life.

25 years in the past, people are getting richer, but seem worse.recently, 15000 scientists from 184 countries worldwide to assess the various environmental threats we face after second times, issued a warning:we humans in solving these predictable environmental challenges has not made enough progress, shocking is that our impact on the environment but become aggravated.

warned that over the past 25 years, we only highlight the antarctic ozone hole is reduced to the minimum of history, but the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased by 62%, the earth's average temperature is rising more than half a degree celsius, terrible population growth of 2 billion, the animal population was shocking extinct near 30%, everything becomes more and more out of control.

scientists say, perhaps what to make some changes have been too late, but the antarctic ozone hole decreases that as long as we take decisive action, you can make a positive a letter to a large number of global appeal, the establishment of nature reserves, reduce food waste, the development of green technology to stimulate the economy and the change of consumption pattern, reverse the life bearing earth environment more and more out of control of the situation.

warning letters by the oregon state university ecologist william polk led, he said, the second human warning is not bluffing, we have clear evidence that mankind is on a path of no return, is the time in the world for a discussion on climate and environment, let the earth out of the left orbit.

this letter was published in the journal bioscience on monday.

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