an eerie sound emanating from the arctic seabed, the canadian military decided to take military action

because of the uneven distribution of solar heat, the north and south poles of the earth have been frozen for a long one can see the mystery yet.

.it may be that the earth's position has shifted away from the sun, leading to uneven distribution of heat around the world.

if the experts say, is true, then the north and south poles are not frozen before, there should be a civilization, now the product of civilization to which go to?was it frozen underground?the antarctic, with its wide range and no mainland china, has so far failed to explore.but the arctic is different, and a lot of scientists go there every year to find out many weird things.

one thing, the north pole near the sea a perennial have a strange cries, suspected of the mouth come from the bottom, too scared to near the arctic animals first, the experts suspected that the calls were made by some kind of creature on the bottom of the ocean, but after a preliminary investigation, they found that the seafloor was not capable of making such a sound.

is the arctic ocean is home to the alien base?this seems to be a fable, but it is not impossible, after all over the world suddenly appeared a few unidentified object flight incidents, still hasn't been effectively resolved, so they could be hidden in the arctic ocean.

at present, the canadian military has decided to take action, to send military submarines to explore the arctic sea, to go public with the truth as soon as possible, reduce the burden of people's heart.