the hubble space telescope shocked discovery: the cosmic pillars of creation


(.・ ∀ ・) ノ ゙ hi hi~!i'm a fan of science fiction, and today we're talking about one of the most striking discoveries in the universe:the pillars of creation.for the first time in 1995, the hubble space telescope captured pictures of pillars of creation, to reveal the three made of the cold air had never seen the details of the giant column, which is taken by hubble space telescope has so far been one of the most iconic images.pillars of creation in the skyhawk nebula, also known as"m16 nebula", the nebula exist inside a small area of a large number of young massive stars, pillars of creation bathed in the light of their radiation.

not long ago, the hubble space telescope revisit pillars of creation, took a series of amazing new photos, showing the three giant column of unprecedented recently at the annual meeting of the american astronomical society, revealed the new images of pillars of creation, the hubble space telescope images sharper than 1995 pictures, view more, at the same time also shows three cold for the first time the bottom of the column.

according to the infrared images from the hubble space telescope, pillars of creation are able to exist because at the end of the high density, covering the bottom of the gas, the formation of columnar structure.the gas between the giant columns is blown away by the ionizing wind of the cluster the top of the left column, a huge piece of debris is heating up and flying away from the column.the scene illustrates the active activity of the star-forming region.

the analysis thinks, the appearance of stars in our galaxy is produced from within a nebula of these strange, they just like human life is released into the space of one another, and this statement seems to conform to certain rules, because we are not yet grasp how stars appeared.

, what do you think about the origin of life in the universe?welcome to the comments section to leave your opinion!

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